Commercial Applications

Dura Composites’ range of ground-breaking products help to solve the key challenges facing everyday marine businesses and inspire new ideas that promote safety, durability and longevity across the industry.


Dura Grating is the ideal structural decking solution for ports across the globe and helps to provide a reliable, safe and durable flooring for all users.

Featuring one of the highest slip resistances ever measured for a walking surface, Dura Grating can used in a variety of applications for ports to replace steel, metal or wood.

With extensive experience in the marine industry we can help support your port planning or refurbishment project, and we offer a range of value added services to help ensure you choose the best product for your specific needs.


Dura Composites has a proven track record in supporting the needs of harbour managers and operations through the provision of market-leading fibreglass grating products.

Made from high strength and low maintenance glass reinforced plastic (GRP), our decking for harbours ensures that harbourmasters, harbour users, contractors and visitors can all benefit from safe and secure facilities, whatever the weather.

Dura Grating is ideal for both new-build harbours and for refurbishment projects and offers a superb lifecycle cost.


According to the UK Health and Safety Executive, over a quarter of all reportable accidents in docks are due to slips or trips. Slips and trips can be serious, resulting in broken or dislocated bones and long periods off work, but they can be easily avoided through the specification of appropriate flooring surfaces for dock and harbour environments.

The HSE advises that slopes and ramps should have a suitable surface which should be coated so as to be slip-resistant, and Dura Grating’s Angular Quartz anti-slip surface is the ideal choice, boasting the highest slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface.


Access bridges are an integral part of any marina or port berthing facility, and rugged marine environments demand equally rugged materials. Dura Grating made from high performance GRP is perfectly equipped to withstand the effects of rain, wind and saltwater where metal would rapidly succumb to rust and constitute a serious safety hazard, making it the ideal solution for bridges.

Access bridges for a range of commercial marine environments can be easily decked using our anti-slip fibreglass decking, with a wide range of Dura Grating Standard Mesh, Mini Mesh and Micro Mesh and colours available to suit your needs.


Commercial ports, RNLI stations and working harbours require structural grating walkways with heavy duty capabilities that are designed to resist greater forces than standard leisure marina pontoon equipment. Safe and level walkways should be provided in all areas where pedestrian traffic such as ships’ crew members, pilots, passengers and contractors have cause to walk, as well as in areas where trolleys and servicing equipment may regularly need to travel.

Dura Grating’s anti-slip surface is tested to withstand even the wettest, oiliest and iciest conditions, thus ensuring a safe and highly durable walkway that allows access throughout the year for commercial operations. Dura Grating’s load capacity is extremely high and it also provides excellent impact resistance and exceptional traction on walkways subject to tidal inclines.

Gangways and Ramps

Providing safe access to a ship or vessel is an integral part of ensuring a safe working environment for commercial marine operations.

Dura Grating made from durable GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is ideal for use within marine applications and marine environments to produce gangways that allow a safe means of access between a ship and quay, pontoon or other structure.

Corrosion-resistant and non-conductive, Dura Grating offers a hard wearing, high grip and virtually maintenance free solution for your gangway or ramp.

Pump-out and Re-fuelling

Re-fuelling and pump-out, including transferring fuel between containers, is a potentially hazardous part of any commercial boating operation.

Dura Grating is an extremely resilient & durable marina decking material that is ideal for use as structural flooring within Pump-Out and Re-fuelling stations thanks to its superb chemical resistance.

Dura Grating fibreglass grating is also exceptionally slip resistant and the gritted anti-slip surface offers excellent traction the oily conditions of marine re-fuelling stations, helping improve maritime safety.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes

Our Marina Fibreglass Grating is available in a variety of colours, to complement their natural appearance. From dark green to more earthy tones like light grey and sand, there is an option to suit every application.