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Anchor Marina, Dubai

Lymington Yacht Harbour

Dura Grating Marine panels were supplied to Lymington Yacht Harbour to replace the existing timber deck system. Since the installation a further new entrance gangway has been fitted with Dura Grating Marine Flooring to provide a perfect anti-slip walkway even at steep walking angles.

Stromness and Kirkwall Marina Development

Dura Grating Marine has been selected for the new Orkney Island Marina construction and Marina development at Kirkwall and Stromness. The Orkney Islands Council considered various Pontoon Decking options, including traditional timber planking and PVC plastic materials, and after careful consideration, Fibreglass Marina Decking was selected for its 50 year plus life span, and incredible anti-slip properties. Dura Grating Marine out performs all other materials, and its anti-slip quality is second-to- none in wet, oily and icy conditions.

Stromness and Kirkwall Marina Development

Quote from Stuart Craigie – Department of Technical Services, Orkney Islands Council:

“We were looking for a man-made non-slip material and Dura Grating Marine fitted the description to a ‘T’, and we also liked the idea that water could pass through. If we get a high wave action, there’s no uplift because the water just passes through the surface mesh.

The non-slip qualities are very impressive. We didn’t come across any other products that had the same anti-slip qualities. We looked at synthetic wood type materials. In the dry it had a good gripping surface, but as soon as it got wet, it was a bit slippery, especially when water was mixed with any sort of detergent, or anything similar. You know that was the end of it. Obviously, it was slippery then, but Fibreglass Dura Grating Marine wasn’t. We didn’t come across any other material with the same non-slip qualities. Also, the aesthetics are excellent, and the longevity factor is very important – that’s why we stipulated a 25 year life span in the tender documents”.

Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Suffolk Yacht Harbour had a requirement to purchase a suitable Entrance gangway which would provide secure foot-holding for personnel and be suitable for wheelchairs. The Dura Grating Marine surface provides excellent traction even at angles of 20-25 degrees.