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What Is the Best Composite Decking for Your Outdoor Space?

Re-designing your outdoor space can be a big, but exciting, challenge. But with so many elements to consider, you won’t want to question whether you’ve selected the right composite decking for your space – so we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ll explore the best composite decking options for your situation; from gardens to balconies to everything in-between, so you can rest easy and focus on enjoying your gorgeous outdoor space!

The Best Decking for Your Garden

If you want to give your garden a sleek, new makeover but are looking for a low-maintenance, low-cost solution that doesn’t require the skills of a landscaper then you may want to consider decking tiles rather than traditional decking boards. These are designed to ensure a stylish, yet inexpensive, transformation that will last for years to come but can be installed in minutes!

Whilst laying traditional timber decking can be a major project, these tiles interlock easily with no need for nails, screws or bonds – so, even the least competent DIYer will be sure to succeed.

Once laid, the tiles require no painting, staining or oiling and the general upkeep is kept to a minimum. So, you can spend time enjoying your refreshed garden space rather than constantly maintaining it.

And what’s more, because there’s no need for special tools or a professional substructure, you’ll be able to invest your saved time and money into more plants and accessories to really give your garden that contemporary vibe.

If you’re starting from scratch, want a slightly raised deck, or just prefer the idea of traditional decking, then our composite decking boards could be a better fit. With barefoot friendly, subsurface fixings, these boards are designed for easy installation and minimum maintenance and provide a great and long lasting alternative to timber decking.

We understand that whilst you may search for the look of timber, it’s unlikely you’ll want to deal with the obvious drawbacks, which is why composite decking boards prove a great alternative.

Rather than spending hours dealing with splintering, rotting or fading, the deck boards offer in-built UV-fade resistance, slip resistance and low water absorption – meaning your garden will look as good ten years’ down the line as it does on the day of installation!

Exterior decking area
Balcony decking tiles

The Best Composite Decking for Your Balcony

Before you embark on your balcony decking project, make sure you are familiar with the latest regulations regarding fire safety for high rise balconies, as you may need to opt for one of our non-combustible decking options if your balcony is very high up.

With any beautiful balcony setup, it’s only natural to want the best composite decking solutions to complement the view, without the time-consuming upkeep of traditional wood decking. Luckily, Dura’s balcony decking options offer a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative available in a range of contemporary colours!

The unique formula is designed to ensure your balcony is UV-stable and long-lasting, no matter the season.

If you’ve got a low door threshold which won’t allow for decking planks to be installed, you can always opt for lightweight interlocking decking tiles. What’s more, our decking is additionally designed with anti-slip and barefoot-friendly properties – meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your outside space no matter the circumstance.

If you’re keen to minimise your impact on the environment, then you can rest easy. High-quality composite decking boards from Dura are made using up to 87% of recycled hardwood and recycled plastics, ensuring that the recycled wood content comes from certified sustainable sources and that less waste is produced in the manufacturing process!

The Best Composite Decking for Your Pool Area

As you would expect, the main priority when investing in poolside decking is ensuring that it provides slip-resistance and that it is comfortable to walk-on, both of which can be in-built qualities of composite decking during the manufacturing process! Look for products that have certified low slip potential when wet, and that have sub surface fixings which are suitable for walking on in bare feet.

Whether it’s a personal or commercial pool, you can be assured that your decking will be ready to use  all year round. Unlike traditional timber boards, our best composite decking will not rot or splinter so you can resist any accidental injuries whilst also forgoing any prolonged maintenance. Instead, of hours of scrubbing and painting, you can simply hose down your decking and give it a swift brush to have it looking brand new.

Of course, it’s not all about practicality, looks are just as important. Our Dura Deck WPC swimming pool decking combines the durability of a polymer with the style and quality of wood and an amazing array of colour options, so you can enjoy a contemporary decking style whilst avoiding any of the disadvantages of timber wood. Whether you want grey decking, stone coloured decking or cedar decking, we offer the best colour range in the industry, with no need for decking paint.

swimming pool decking area