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Understanding Testing for Composite Decking

Not all decking tests are equal

When it comes to choosing the right decking product, there are a lot of companies out there that claim that they have certain attributes that is simply not based upon any testing at all. Not having the right information can come back to haunt you down the line with authorities, insurance companies and lawyers needing proof of safe flooring. Which is where we come in. At Dura Composites we pride ourselves on our rigorous testing regime and we make it our mission to provide the safest products on the market.

Anti-Slip Testing of Composite Decking

Understanding anti-slip can be difficult to understand when some test methods are more valuable and trustworthy indicators of slip resistance than others. Health & Safety Executive guidance has determined the most reliable test method is the 4S Pendulum Test which is regarded as the only floor test equipment able to repeatedly provide consistent results and which can be used in a court of law in the event of a slip injury claim.

The 4S rubber slider test imitates the heel of a shoe or foot to determine the level of slip resistance. The 4S slider test method is specially designed to replicate everyday footwear across a surface. The four S’s stands for: STANDARD > SHOE > SOLE > SIMULATOR

Unlike some other brands. Our composite decking ranges, Dura Deck Eco and Flip, have been tested using this method and and both have achieved a low slip potential in wet conditions. At Dura we also make sure we test in every direction to make sure you are safe no matter which way you step across our boards. See the tables for our results across longitudinal, transverse and diagonal directions.

Don’t be fooled by companies who don’t make safe wet anti-slip potential on the 4S slider Pendulum Test and instead use a different pendulum test that has nothing to do with decking just to achieve the results they want to show you. Essentially the 4S rubber slider test imitates the heel of a shoe or foot to determine the level the level of slip resistance. The 4S slider test method is specifically designed to replicate everyday footwear across a surface. And at Dura Composites we test to over 1 million footfalls to make sure you are getting the same safe level of anti-slip from the day you bought it. And it does with only a 5% decrease which is incredible.

Slip Resistance Values - BS 7976 4S Rubber Slider - Pendulum Test Values (PTVs)

Composite Decking RangeLongitudinal
Dura Deck Eco 146
Dura Deck Eco 295
Dura Deck Flip 150

Fire Testing of Composite Decking

At Dura Composites we also test our products for their fire resistance to give you that extra peace of mind. Depending on the type of project you are completing, unlike competitors, we will only sell you the product with the minimum fire rating you need.

For instance if you are in a high rise building looking for balcony decking then we would only sell you are A2 fire rated Aluminium Decking.

Whereas for domestic gardens our Class C Flip and Eco Decking would be what you needed, this range exceeds the performance of almost all of its direct competitors.

BS EN 13501 is the European standard which provides the reaction to fire classification procedure for all construction products, including products incorporated within building elements.

It is to these standards and rigorous testing that we at Dura adhere to.

Load/Strength testing and UV Testing of Composite Decking

Load Performance Explained


Exceeds 1.4kN load at 0.5% deflection
(2mm @ 400mm span)


Exceeds 5kN load at 0.5% deflection
(2mm @ 400mm span)


Resists long term deflection
(under self weight)

At Dura Composites we perform point load testing to ensure our decking is as strong and long lasting as possible. Using state-of-the-art product design, proprietary product formulas and precise manufacturing techniques, Dura has been able to achieve an additional 60% extra strength versus similar designs from competitors. This added strength helps prevent long term failure caused by permanent deflection (otherwise known as ‘sag’). Our unique design enables the same span to be used whether you plan to install Dura Deck residentially or commercially.

Our unique vortex void optimises strength in all conditions and for all applications over its life span, which is why all of our decking products come with a minimum 10 year warranty.

We employ the latest UV Fade technology for our Eco Range to ensure the colour fade over time is minor, providing a deck that always looks like new. Protected by the outer armour, the Flip range is even more colour stable than Eco and other co-extruded WPC decking boards on the market.

So when the time comes to choose your decking for your next project. Make sure you fact check the data you are presented with and remember, if you want the safest, strongest and most proven product on the market then choose our Dura Deck.

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