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Style your garden for the perfect Summer staycation

With a few small changes, you can turn your garden or balcony into the ideal place to while away the lighter summer evenings. Here are a few of Dura Composites’ top tips:

Update your outdoor flooring

Mouldy patios or dull concrete flooring can be a real turn-off when it comes to finding somewhere to relax. Luckily Dura Composites has a range of Dura Deck Tile Resist easy lay composite decking tiles which can be placed over existing flooring to create a stunning wood-effect decking space.

If you’re renting your home and are worried about whether invest in garden decking for a space you don’t own, they couldn’t be more perfect, as they can be easily removed and relocated if you need to move. The tiles lay directly onto the floor and interlock with one another, so they don’t move around. There’s no need for any kind of complicated framing, joists or substructures to be installed beforehand, so literally anyone can do it.

And what’s more, because the tiles sit on top of your existing flooring, there’s no danger of rats or other unwanted visitors getting under your decking to nest!

Zone your garden areas

Having different areas for seating and dining and styling them differently is a great way to increase your usage of your garden so you don’t get bored. Try having a daytime eating area with a Mediterranean theme (think sunshine-y lemon yellow accessories) and a night-time seating area with a sofa set, festoon lighting and some soft throws to snuggle up under the stars with.

Brown decking tiles

Take note of the direction of the sun and which corners of the garden have the sun on them for the longest, and make that your main focal point. The more different you can make the two areas feel, the more likely you are to use them regularly.

Dura Deck’s brand new “Flip” range even comes with two colours on the same decking plank, so you can turn your boards over and enjoy a completely different look – or create definitive dark and light zones.

Futureproof your space

If you’re not able to go abroad this year due to the impact of coronavirus, then why not invest the money you would have spent on holiday on futureproofing your garden and making it somewhere you can really enjoy?

Our range of composite timber cladding is perfect for cladding a garden room, hobby space, summer house or “Shoffice” (yep, we didn’t believe it was a real word either but, apparently Shoffice = shed + office!).

With all the beauty of natural wood, but none of the maintenance issues, Dura Cladding is a sure-fire winner.

Keep your planting as low maintenance as possible

Container planting is a great way to create a huge impact with the minimum of maintenance. If you choose your plants carefully (focus on those that are drought-tolerant) you can create a really striking display that only relies on basic upkeep.

cladded garden room

If you’re new to gardening, the Gardener’s World website has lots of tips and advice including plants like Pelargoniums and Aeoniums – attractive flowers that only need occasional deadheading and a splash of water to keep them looking good. You could also opt for a ranch-style theme and fill a shallow bowl with succulents to create a display that needs no care through the summer. Just position it in a sunny spot and watch the plants grow. Move the pot to a frost-free place for the winter and enjoy it again next year.