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How to maintain and clean composite decking

If you’ve ever wondered how easy it is to clean composite decking then the answer is very! Unlike traditional wooden decking which requires regular cleaning, painting and maintenance, composite decking is really simple to keep looking at its best.

Keeping your decking clean

If your decking is situated near deciduous trees or is particularly exposed to build up of leaves or other debris then it’s a good idea to brush it whenever you are out in the garden and have a few spare minutes to make the job of cleaning the boards even easier when you do come to wash it.

Make sure you clean up any food spills immediately too as certain oily foods have the potential to stain your deck, (whether its timber or composite) and any spillages left too long without cleaning may invalidate your product warranty.

What products can you use?

There’s absolutely no need to invest in any specific products to clean your deck. Although you might see composite decking cleaner and restorers for sale in your local DIY store, you really don’t need anything other than some warm water and a pH neutral detergent solution. Some dish soaps or car washing soaps will work well, as will eco friendly products like Ecover. but always check the labelling carefully first.

How to clean your decking

The great news is that you won’t need any specialist chemicals or equipment to clean your composite deck. The main thing you’ll need is some soapy water and a soft bristled brush, or, if it’s been a really long time since you’ve given in a wash – a pressure washer with a wide nozzle setting.

Cleaning your deck
Clean your deck so its good enough to eat on

What products should you avoid?

Harsh chemicals, such as bleach or acids, should absolutely be avoided when cleaning composite decking as the chemicals can eat away at the composite structure and leave permanent discoloration and damage.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned your deck and you’re planning to use a pressure washer then be careful not to overdo it. We recommend that Dura Deck boards are cleaned using the wide nozzle fan spray setting with machines of no more than 1500psi. In order to prevent any damage to the surface of the boards, the pressure washer nozzle should be kept at least 6 inches from the surface, and you should avoid concentrated spraying in one area for more than 3 seconds.

Regular cleaning habits

When you decide the time is right to give your decking a clean, make sure you remove your furniture so you can give the whole area a good sweep. If any of the expansion gaps between the boards are full of debris, make sure you remove this too, as blocked gaps can lead to standing water and other problems.

When you do clean your deck, make sure you scrub with a soft bristled brush in the direction of the woodgrain of the boards for best results. Always make sure you rinse with clean water. The garden hose can come in handy, and working in sections will deliver best results.