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Understanding Composites: Safer at the point of need

Although the word “composite” may sound technical, it’s really just an umbrella term to describe materials that have been put together to make something that is superior than the original form in some way – making it stronger, easier to handle or corrosion resistant for example.

Composites that you will have heard of, but perhaps didn’t realise were composites include steel (commonly known as an alloy), which is made by combining iron and carbon. It has been in use as a building material since the late 1800s and first became popular for building skyscrapers thanks to its strength and durability.

One of the most popular emerging composites of the past 40 years has been Glass Reinforced Polymer (or GRP), which is a resin-based composite that’s reinforced with a glass fibre, and is sometimes also known as fibreglass. The combination of the high-strength glass fibre and highly-resilient plastic ensures that it’s strong, lightweight and both chemical and corrosion resistant. GRP can also be produced with phenolic properties for use in high risk areas and does not conduct electricity or necessitate the use of hot works permits – making it suitable for a vast range of construction applications.

Our Dura Riser d2 grating boasts a bonded coating of refined quartz grit which greatly enhances the anti-slip properties & durability of the product and offers incredible slip-resistance in all directions and conditions. The result of 23 years experience in the composites marketplace, Dura Composites Riser products are available exclusively from us, and can be installed by our highly qualified team.

Product Guide

High Rise Construction Riser System & Installation Services

Dura Composites is a leading supplier and installer of bespoke first-class safety, riser solutions on new builds or refurbishments. Our services include:

  • Purpose-designed Dura Riser GRP Floor Grating
  • A unique steel perimeter support system (Patent Pending)
  • Full design capabilities with PI insurance for design
  • Installation Service by Qualified Professionals
  • Site Inspections & Service Cut Outs
  • In-house Structural Engineer and CAD team
  • Consultation and project advice