Trench Covers

Dura Slab GRP Duct & Gully Covers

Lightweight Heavy Duty Structural Covers & Decking

Dura Slab is a precision engineering high capacity heavy duty structural flooring slab designed to replace heavy concrete. It’s lightweight design dramatically reduces the cost of installation and maintenance as well as transport. Applications for Dura Slab include Trench Covers, Industrial Flooring, Work Platforms, Tank Covers, Service Duct Covers, Commercial Decking, Bridge Decking and Balcony Flooring.

Dura Slab high strength covers allow easy access, are lightweight, have built-in lifting eyes & a non-slip gritted top walking surface.

Dura Slab is ideal for new constructions and replacements for old covers, but is also well suited for refurbishment applications to replace old, heavy & cumbersome traditional flooring. Its characteristics make it more favourable for these applications over using steel, timber or concrete systems, due to its lower weight, anti-slip surface, ease of installation and absence of maintenance

Fibreglass lightweight covers do not require any lifting equipment, are low cost, anti-slip and low maintenance.

Fibreglass Gully Covers are lightweight, high strength, anti-slip and easily removed for maintenance access. They can easily be lifted by one, two or four man teams using standard lifting keys. Dura Slab has been engineered for use as high strength covers where incredible strength to weight ratio is important.

Dura Slab is ideally suited for use as commercial structural flooring

Dura Slab is a fibreglass structural flooring system is manufactured using a unique construction technique that provides an incredible strength to weight ratio. Dura Slab panels are manufactured by the pultruded fibreglass process to provide a composite flooring structure that is stiff, strong, lightweight, non-corrosive with an anti-slip walking surface. Dura Slab can be specified for use as commercial decks on applications such as balconies, studio flooring or mezzanine floors. The combination of lightweight design, anti-slip surface, fire and corrosion properties means the scenarios for its use are endless.

No lifting equipment required

Dura Slab structural panels are manufactured in the fibreglass pultrusion process which creates a precision engineered maximum strength flooring system. This product is a lightweight structural flooring system which is suitable for general flooring applications where high strength and chemical resistance is necessary.

Pultruded Dura Slab profiles are manufactured by combining various resins with pure glassfibre reinforcement. They are formed and cured in a continuous process creating a product of extraordinary strength and resilience. The resultant profile offers a combination of benefits and mechanical properties exceeding those of metal. Weighing up to 80% less than steel and concrete, Dura Slab offers equivalent performance for considerably less weight. This results in major weight savings and lower installation and servicing removal costs due to more economical transportation, handling and on-site positioning. The high strength to weight ratio has particular relevance for many applications in the structural flooring industries.

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