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Falls are the largest cause of accidental death in the construction industry and account for 50% of all fatalities according to the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Riser voids are the openings which are left to accommodate mechanical and electrical services on multiple floors of a building and can provide real safety challenges for contractors.

Today’s architects, designers and specifiers have a responsibility to try to eliminate potentially hazardous holes and voids in a structure by designing in safe and robust permanent or temporary protection and Dura Composites offers the ideal low-maintenance, anti-slip and non-conductive riser cover solution, made from its high-strength but low-weight GRP Dura Grating, combined with our Patent Pending unique steel perimeter support system.

Riser Installation

Dura Composites’ structural design engineering service, is available as a stand-alone design or as part of a larger integrated design scheme such as those commonly required for riser installation projects. Our riser design package includes layout drawings with secondary supports, and the option of FEA simulations and service cut out reports.

If you’re not familiar with riser voids then you may want to watch our short introductory video here to bring you up to speed:

Why should I choose Dura Grating made from GRP for my Riser Decking?

When used as riser flooring Dura Grating has lower installation costs than steel and can be up to 80% lighter.  This means that the material can be easily transported throughout the site and manually handled into position, eliminating the requirement for heavy lifting equipment.

Dura Grating can also be installed considerably faster than traditional steel systems, further reducing labour time and costs. Dura Grating has a high deflection memory and extremely high ultimate loading, providing a first-class safety solution.

Dura Grating is also non-conductive and does not require earthing, meaning that the risk of electrical hazards on site are eliminated. No hot works permits are required and the material can be easily cut on site using standard hand power tools

Dura Grating allows for easy adaptation to suit services passing through floors. Our riser covers also have a high-grade anti-slip finish to maximise the safety of on-site personnel and provide a safe working platform for following trades.

Choosing the right GRP Dura Grating Panels for your system

Once you’ve identified the solution you need for your building type, it’s easy to select the right Dura Grating product. Dura Grating is the leading choice for customers who are looking for a safe, easy to install, adaptable support system and lightweight riser flooring solution.

Compatible with our Cast In Dura Box our GRP Dura Grating Riser Floor Decking is made from high-strength composite fiberglass and is both anti-slip and non-conductive. Use of our unique Patent Pending bespoke cast-in-place galvanised steel frame design ensures ultimate safety and ease of adapting Dura Grating to suit M&E Services.

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