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Mesh Balcony Flooring

GRP Grating for balconies & mezzanines

GRP Dura Grating for Balconies, Mezzanines and Terraces

If you’re looking for a balcony flooring that’s hardwearing, anti-slip and just that little bit different, why not consider grid style fibreglass Dura Grating?

Available in a range of thicknesses and colours with varying open mesh sizes, Dura Grating can create stylish and solid large platform balconies so you can sit back and enjoy your surroundings without worrying about maintenance of your outside area.


Precision engineered from high performance fibreglass, with a fantastic 25 year warranty, Dura Composites’ fibreglass grating provides the ultimate combination of performance, safety and durability for balcony flooring, mezzanines and outdoor terraces.

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s top house builders, contractors and installers and can help recommend an install partner who can create your dream balcony.

Glass Reinforced Plastic Dura Grating is extremely durable in external environments, and offers a maintenance-free alternative to traditional timber decking which has major drawbacks as it requires ongoing treatment, especially in exposed outdoor conditions.

Dura Grating is non-sparking and non-conductive, lightweight and easy to handle. Dura Grating can be cut and shaped on-site without the need for hot works permits using simple battery powered hand tools.

Standard Dura Grating

Our standard mesh GRP grating features an open hole size of 32mm x 32mm and is most suited for use within industrial and processing facilities as a walkway or gully cover solution to help minimise the risk of slips or falls.

Dura Grating standard mesh is available in Grey, Green or Yellow as standard, and our most popular grating thicknesses are 25mm, 30mm, 38mm and 50mm. The uniform construction of Dura Grating provides excellent bi-directional mechanical properties.

Standard Dura Grating is light, strong and non corrosive and can be supplied with a full range of stainless steel clips, clamps and hold down fixings to suit all situatio

Mini Mesh Dura Grating    

Dura Composites Mini Mesh GRP grating has all the benefits of our standard Dura Grating but with a smaller 12mm x 12mm open mesh area. The smaller openings of our Mini Mesh Dura Grating prevents small objects from falling through, and complies with BS EN14122 Category B and the European 15mm ball falling test requirement.

The close spacing of the bearing bars means that Mini Mesh Dura Grating facilitates the smooth movement of small-wheeled vehicles and industrial equipment, making it a great choice for catwalk grating or pedestrian walkways in industrial facilities and chemical plants. Mini Mesh fibreglass grating is available in Grey, Green, Sand and Teak colours in thicknesses of 22mm, 30mm and 38mm. Other options may be available on request.

Micro Mesh Dura Grating

Dura Composites Micro Mesh fibreglass grating features an anti-slip surface with an 8mm x 8mm open mesh which prevents virtually all objects from falling through the mesh whilst still allowing full drainage.

The smaller open mesh size heightens the aesthetic appeal whilst also making the surface suitable for a wide range of footwear. Micro Mesh Dura Grating is a popular choice for industrial applications as the panels are lightweight and easy to remove, and withstand the rigours of aggressive and corrosive environments better than any metal or stainless steel grating. Micro Mesh Dura Grating is available in grey as standard, ith a thickness of 22mm.


Standard colours are green and grey, other RAL colours available on request for volume orders.

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