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Trench Covers & Slab Flooring

Dura Composites has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and supply of trench and access covers and heavy duty floor slab – both for new constructions and refurbishment applications. They offer a low maintenance, durable and simple to install composite Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) alternative to heavy & cumbersome steel or concrete covers.

Available in both moulded and pultruded open mesh and solid top versions, they are designed for maximum versatility and work with both precast flat top concrete troughs as well as with precast concrete troughs with a factory formed recess which enable a flush fitting with the floor surface.

With an innovative design that can include either manual lifting eyes or mechanical lifting arms, the trench cover lids can meet the needs for straight sections, curved sections, right angles and Ts and have an excellent strength to weight ratio. The lightweight nature of the covers mean routine inspections and repairs can be made easily, by simply removing the appropriate covers.

Dura Composites’ one piece heavy duty Dura Slab trench covers are pultruded in one mass to produce a consistent quality and incredible strength to weight ratio. They are ideally suited to vehicular loading requirements for infrastructure installations including power, telecoms and utility projects. Available from stock, the covers are easy to lift, transport and install, unlike bulky concrete trough and access covers.

Also known as fibreglass gully covers, they are lightweight, high strength, have a gritted anti-slip surface and are easily removed for maintenance access. They can easily be lifted by one, two or four man teams using lifting keys. Dura Slab has been engineered for use as high strength covers where incredible strength to weight ratio is important.

Dura Slab can be also specified for use as commercial decks on applications such as balconies studio flooring or mezzanine floors as a heavy duty floor slab to replace concrete. The combination of the lightweight design, anti-slip surface, fire and corrosion properties means the scenarios for its use are virtually endless.

If your project requires open mesh or grating, our moulded GRP Trench Covers are typically used for areas of pedestrian traffic and are also available in a range of load ratings to suit every application and budget.

Dura Slab Structural Flooring Panels

Dura Slab is a precision-engineered heavy duty structural flooring slab designed to replace heavy concrete and steel.

Its lightweight design dramatically reduces the cost of installation, maintenance and transport. Panels can be fitted with in-built lifting eyes, making them easy to deploy, without compromising on strength and safety.

Applications for Dura Slab include trench covers, gully covers, industrial flooring, work platforms, tank covers, drawpit covers, commercial decking, landings, bridge decking and mezzanine flooring.

  • Easily lifted for access
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Long low maintenance design life
  • Fire-rated & non conductive
  • Corrosion & impact resistant

Pultruded Profiles

Dura Slab Open

Dura Slab

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Trench Cover Case Studies

Product Guide

GRP Cable Trough & Trench Cover Lids | GRP Products

Moulded and pultruded open mesh and solid top GRP trench covers, trough covers and drawpit lids with excellent strength-to-weight ratio and non-conductive properties.


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