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FRP / GRP Pultruded Profiles for the Rail Industry

Standard Range

Dura Profiles are a practical proposition for more applications than ever before, thanks to the very wide range of standard profiles available.

We carry one of the largest stock holdings of profile, including standard Angle, Channel, Beam and Box, Tube, Bar and Rod sections. We supply a cost-effective solution for virtually every common application, with no tooling costs and minimal delivery lead time. All profiles can be produced in a vast number of dimensions and are available in five different resin systems depending on the application. Polyester is suitable for most industrial applications. Vinylester provides additional corrosion resistance. Epoxy offers superior thermal stability. Modar improves fire and smoke performance. Phenolic also maximises fire performance as an alternative to Modar.

Custom range

The versatility and accuracy of the pultrusion process offers tremendous possibilities for complex shapes or special properties. For extended production runs, it can be a highly cost-effective method of producing customised profiles, using special dyes to form the material directly into the finished shape, with no need for extra machining operations. Resin and reinforcement materials can be mixed and matched to create an almost limitless blend of colours and properties. Aramid or carbon fibres can be used instead of glass fibre and resin systems can be modified to meet special requirements. Pultrusions can be produced with extra flame retardancy or self extinguishing properties.

Pultrusion die sizes up to 600mm x 200mm can be accommodated.

Fibreglass pultruded profiles including channel, I-beam, box, tube and angles. Light, strong, fire and chemical resistant.

Pultruded Profiles

Dura Profile comprises of a range of FRP sections made using pultruded technology that has a range of applications typically to replace steel or wood. Weighing around 50% less than steel, Dura Profile offers equivalent performance for considerably less weight. This results in major cost savings due to more economical transportation, handling and on-site fitting. Supplied as single profiles, flat pack or pre-fabricated structures anywhere in the world, Dura Profile is fast becoming the material of choice for work platforms, ladders, handrailing, cable trays, flow sub-structures and much, much more.