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Fibreglass / GRP Safety Hand Railing and Barriers for stairs, walkways and ramps

Modular fibreglass hand railing systems designed for stairs, walkways and ramps. All fixings supplied.

Fibreglass Hand Railing

Fibreglass hand railing systems are constructed from fibreglass pultruded profiles. Fibreglass hand railing is non-conductive, high strength, low weight with low maintenance. Standard fibreglass hand railing colours are grey and safety yellow. The top handrail is ergonomically designed and is supplied with end caps. A tubular mid (knee) rail and kick plate is available for safety reasons.

GRP handrails are easily assembled on-site or can be factory produced and delivered.

GRP Handrails

The GRP handrail vertical posts are 50mm x 50mm square fibreglass pultruded profiles generally secured at the base using fibreglass box sockets, which are secured in a GRP box foot and bolted to the fibreglass grating floor or other structures.

GRP modular safety railing for all industrial applications. Modular system for stairs, walkways, ramps and barriers etc.

Safety Railing

New fibreglass safety railing system. Generally fibreglass pultruded components are used providing a high strength, low maintenance operation. Fibreglass safety railings can be supplied erected or for owner assembly on site using simple hand tools

Fibreglass safety barriers are easily assembled. All fittings and fixings are available.

Safety Barriers

Fibreglass safety barriers are suitable for stairs, ramps, walkways etc. Ideal for protecting and identifying hazardous storage areas, fuel tanks, chemical stores and bunds etc.

Fibreglass safety barriers can be used in corrosive environments, chemical waste water treatment plants and commercial industrial locations.

GRP Hand railing – easily assembled. Low maintenance modular system. All fittings supplied.

GRP Hand Railing

Ideal for use as a health and safety measure, these GRP hand railings are designed to segregate pedestrians from vehicle lanes, such as those used by forklift trucks and foot traffic walkways. Finished in a high visibility yellow colour there is little chance of them being ignored.