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Decking Substructure & Support Systems

Up to 4 Times Faster Than Other Decking Substructure Methods

Our Aluminium Support System couldn’t be simpler to use! Simply slide your pedestals onto your bearers, place the pedestals at the recommended spacings and secure your first and last bearers at the desired height using the handy 5mm increment notches on the sides of the pedestal. Once the first and last bearers are in place, the others will already be positioned correctly and can be secured. If installing on a roof terrace or balcony, please ensure that your decking surface adheres to all local building codes (such as fire regulations and drainage requirements).

Unique design self adjusts to the correct position

Each pedestal can be slid onto the bearer in a matter of seconds. When the bearer is fixed into the first and last pedestal of the run at the right height, it creates the required fall at a pre-set angle, so there’s no need to adjust each individual pedestal.

Single unit construction gives added stability

Unlike plastic pedestals which are made of multiple components with several potential points of weakness, our patent-pending design offers enhanced stability and less risk of movement or rolling during installation. Inserting the bearer immediately prevents the pedestal from falling over which is particularly useful in situations where the project is being installed by a single worker.

Suitable for all high rise or public sector projects which require fire-rated solutions

The Dura Pedestal and Bearer system has been developed to be fully compatible with the latest developments in fire safety legislation to help improve building safety. Both components achieve a Class A2 fire rating to EN13501-1 flooring standards with their anthracite powder coated finish.

Suitable for all kinds of decking installation

The Anthracite paint finish of the bearers and pedestals won’t stand out against the decking surface. Versatile height combinations will suit all threshold requirements.

Fewer components to buy, unbox and install

Dura Pedestals come in easy to handle boxes of up to 25 units, with no fiddly separate components (such as slope correctors or fixed heads) – saving you valuable time on site.

Ideal for use on sloping or uneven ground

When Dura Bearers and Dura Pedestals are combined, they are able to overcome a huge slope range and can be used in areas with gradients of up to 10° Degrees – which is equivalent to a 1:6 fall!

Proven A2 Fire Performance

Dura Pedestals and Dura Bearers have been tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 13501-1: Fire classification of construction products and building elements, satisfying current fire legislation – with testing carried out in an environment that replicate that of an actual flooring installation.

10 Year Warranty

As well as saving you time, we give you peace of mind with a 10 year warranty on painted surface finish, and longevity with a 60 year expected service life.

Creating the Perfect Combination

Dura Pedestal’s anti-glare anthracite colour powder-coated finish achieves a Class A2 fire rating in accordance with EN13501-1. When combined with our Dura Deck Aluminium decking and aluminium Dura Bearers, a fully Class A2 fire-rated flooring system can be achieved.

Dura Pedestals and Bearers are also suitable for use with our composite timber decking and GRP grating ranges, so you can get everything you need from one source, with fewer components to buy, unbox and install. Dura Pedestals are available in 8 heights from 25.5mm to 222.5mm high and offer unrivalled choice for height variances when combined with our 25mm x 48mm, 50mm x 48mm and 75mm x 48mm aluminium Dura Bearers.

Use any Dura Bearer with any Dura Pedestal to create 24 different combinations. Installation is faster, easier and more stable than with fiddly plastic pedestals. A precise height can be created (which can be as small as a 10 mm adjustment when installing any bearer option in combination with the 25.5mm pedestal).

25 x 48 Dura Bearer Aluminium with 222.5mm Adjustable pedestal

50 x 48 Dura Bearer Aluminium with 222.5mm Adjustable pedestal

75 x 48 Dura Bearer Aluminium with 222.5mm Adjustable pedestal

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Dura Bearers

Aluminium Dura Bearers offer a simple and long-life decking substructure solution for gardens, balconies and large commercial projects. Unlike timber subframes, which can twist, rot or warp over time, Dura Bearers are made from 6063 grade aluminium (T6) and have a greater strength-to-size ratio than traditional materials. Available in three sizes (25mm, 50mm and 75mm), Dura Bearers can be installed directly onto hard surfaces, such as concrete or paving, as well as onto soft surfaces such as soil, sand or grass, (provided the area has been compacted and bricks, pavers or concrete slabs are placed beneath the bearers at suitable intervals).

When combined with our Dura Pedestal range as a complete A2-fire rated system, they can be used on sloping or uneven ground with gradients of up to 10° Degrees – which is equivalent to an amazing 1:6 fall!


  • Non-combustible, A2 fire-rated as standard
  • High strength 6063 Grade Aluminium (T6)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Supports any type of conventional decking boards
  • Versatile when combined with Dura Pedestals
  • Anthracite powder coating to bearers and pedestals – RAL7043
  • 10 Year warranty on painted finish
  • Expected 60-year design life


  • Meets latest safety legislation
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Sustainable solution with long design life
  • Will never rot, ensuring superior longevity of decking
  • Combined with Dura pedestals to overcome complex site issues
  • Protective anti-glare paint coating avoids reflection in sunlight
  • Blends seamlessly into decking and won’t flake or fade
  • Years of useful service life for maximum peace of mind

Dura Aluminium Bearer 25mm

(Milled Finish 25x48x3660mm)
(Anthracite Painted Finish 25x48x3660mm)

Dura Aluminium Bearer 50mm

(Milled Finish 50x48x3660mm)
(Anthracite Painted Finish 50x48x3660mm)

Dura Aluminium Bearer 75mm

(Milled Finish 75x48x3660mm)
(Anthracite Painted Finish 75x48x3660mm)

Dura Pedestals

Aluminium Dura Pedestals have an A2 fire-rating and a unique patent pending design which helps overcome even the most complex of installation challenges. Available in 7 different variants, the anthracite coloured pedestals are designed to work seamlessly with our aluminium Dura Bearers to provide the most economical A2 rated support system on the market. Unlike plastic pedestals, the Dura Pedestals have a single unit construction, with no fiddly separate components (such as bearer holders, slope correctors or spacers) to unpack and assemble.

The tripod design features enhanced stability to mitigate the risk of rolling and can be butted right up to the wall or edge without the need for cuts. If your project requires a fall, or if your substructure is not level, each pedestal includes handy visual notches at 5mm intervals so you can easily secure your bearers at your desired height.

Registered Design No. EU 007 827 746
Patent Application No. GB 2005553.9

25.5mm High Pedestal

36.5mm High Pedestal

50.5mm High Pedestal

85.5mm High Pedestal

117.5mm High Pedestal

152.5mm High Pedestal

187.5mm High Pedestal

222.5mm High Pedestal


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