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Dura Deck Tile Specifications, Installation and Technical Guide

Dura Tile consist of interlocking square tiles in either Teak or Charcoal that require no screws, nails or bonds. Made from low-maintenance wood plastic composite (WPC) Dura Tiles are designed to quickly interlock together, making them ideal for DIY garden decks or for difficult to reach roof terraces or balconies.

Care should be taken to ensure the product is laid onto a flat surface such as an existing patio or hard standing. If you are planning to lay your Dura Tiles onto a hard surface with an uneven terrain or minor imperfections you may need to level the surface first with some patching compound or filler. Spending a few minutes now to fully understand the installation process (as well as the performance advantages of Dura Tiles) will enhance your installation experience and provide you with a completed project that will really last. For best results, please ensure that the guidance our technical manual is strictly adhered to as improper installation including the use of the use of non-approved trims and accessories will invalidate your product warranty.

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Dura Tile23.5mm305mm305mm1.36kg9
Corner Edge Ramps23.5mm367mm77mm0.43kg4 (2 left & 2 right)
Straight Edge Ramps23.5mm295mm77mm0.39kg15

Dura Deck Tile is a quick and easy to install, low maintenance choice

Step 1: Lay a row of tiles to check your measurements. Place your first tile onto the ground surface and push down second tile onto the first to activate the interlocking tabs.

Step 2: Choose a corner to start from. If your tiles adjoin a walled areas, it’s a good idea to start there. Place your first tile and push down each adjacent tile on the previously laid tile.

Step 3: Continue laying tiles, ensuring the interlocking tabs have been activated and the surface is flush and level. Use a jigsaw to cut tiles to fit around obstructions, leaving tabs intact on connecting sides.

Step 4: Add Corner Ramps as necessary by placing ramps and then lifting the adjacent Dura Tile and pushing down into your Corner Ramps to lock into place.

Step 5: Add Edge Ramps in the same way by placing in position and then
lifting the adjacent Dura Tile and pushing down into Edge Ramps.

Step 6: Brush down your Dura Tile area to remove any debris. Your new low-maintenance decking area is now ready to enjoy for many years to come!