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Dura Deck composite leisure decking boards are anti-slip and barefoot friendly

Dura Deck is the ideal choice for demanding applications such as hotel decking, as well as other public areas such as parks, outside refreshment bars, verandas and clubhouse decking.

Durable, barefoot friendly, and easy to keep in excellent condition, Dura Deck solves the inherent problems with traditional timber decking.

In a hotel or restaurant setting, issues arising from slippery or unsafe surfaces can be particularly problematic due to health and safety concerns. Our commercial decking is designed with safety as a primary consideration and is designed to be both slip-resistant and safe underfoot.

Our composite decking has excellent anti-slip properties due to its low water absorption rate, which prevents the surface from becoming waterlogged.

We also use mould inhibitors to protect the boards from algae, mould and mildew – another major pitfall with timber decking. In addition, our products are easy to install using the guidance in our free downloadable Technical Manual.

Thanks to its below surface fixings, our leisure decking is barefoot friendly. Unlike timber decking, you don’t need to use exposed nails or screws, which could potentially cause an injury.

You may also be eligible for a reduction to your public liability premiums if you are replacing traditional wooden decking with composite materials.

As a safe anti-slip surface which is free from trip hazards, Dura Deck is the perfect choice for commercial installations whether you’re seeking composite decking for hotels, restaurants, or other leisure purposes.

Commercial composite decking is highly resilient and low maintenance

Manufactured to the highest quality using recycled hardwood and polyethylene resin, our commercial composite decking is made to last. It is UV stable and handles heat and weathering extremely well, making it the ideal solution whether in the UK or abroad.

Our leisure decking is versatile and can complement a wide range of hospitality settings, such as theme parks, holiday parks, and outdoor bars.

Maintaining a wooden deck can be time consuming because of the scrubbing, painting, staining and treating that comes with choosing natural wood.

You also have to periodically replace boards due to rotting, splintering or warping, which can prove costly and is particularly disruptive in commercial settings where the area may need to be closed while repairs are carried out.

Dura Deck composite decking on the other hand can withstand daily wear and tear with no painting or treating required, and is the smart choice for those who want a deck that’s designed for the future. To ensure your composite deck stays looking great year after year, all that’s needed is a simple spray with a hosepipe to clear any debris, followed by a wash with a soft bristled brush. You can also use a pressure washer occasionally for a deep clean.

There are a range of colour options for your commercial decking so you can choose the most appropriate for your environment.

The eco-friendly choice

At Dura Composites, we are proud of our environmentally-friendly credentials. We manufacture our composite leisure decking using a mix of up to 87% recycled hardwood and plastics, helping to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill.

We were also the first timber composite supplier globally to become FSC™ certified, which means that the wood we use in our products is sourced from well-managed forests. This is part of our commitment to help preserve the natural world.


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