d2 Dura Grating 38mm Standard Mesh

38mm thick with 32mm open holes

d2 Dura Grating 38mm Standard Mesh is our most cost effective open mesh flooring solution and suits a wide range of projects.

It is available in a 38mm thickness in Dark Grey, Yellow and Green and and provides excellent bidirectional mechanical properties.

As with all our gratings, it can be supplied with a full range of galvanised steel clips, clamps and hold down fixings to suit all situations.

Patent Pending Patent Application No: GB 19 04928.7.

Our Innovative d2 Dura Grating products are suited to every industry.

Available exclusively from Dura Composites with a patent-pending design, you won’t find them anywhere else. 

Each variant is compliant with British Standards, has a Class B fire rating and offers superb efficiencies versus previous generation GRP grating.

d2 Dura Grating 38mm Standard Mesh Technical Information
NEW d2 Dura Grating Depth (mm) / Open Area Open Hole Size / Open Area Panel Sizes (mm) Colour Panel Weight (Kg/m2)
Standard 38mm d2 32 / 66% 3664 x 1224
3054 x 995
Dark Grey / Yellow / Green 14.0

Determining the correct load rating for your GRP flooring is dependent on the intended use and types of equipment placed on it.

A Point Load is any static load considered to act over a small or concentrated area when compared to the extent of the surface to which the load is applied.

A Uniformly Distributed Load or UDL is one where the load is considered evenly distributed across a defined area.

d2 Dura Grating 38mm Standard Mesh Load and Deflection Values by Span

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