d2 Dura Grating Mini & Micro Mesh

22mm & 45mm Mini Mesh & 21mm Micro Mesh

d2 Dura Grating Mini Mesh 45mm has all the benefits of our d² Standard Mesh grating but with a smaller 19mm x 19mm open mesh area. Our 22mm d2 Dura Grating Mini Mesh has an open hole size of 17mm x 17mm, and both products meet the requirements of BS 4592 and the 20mm European Ball Falling Test. In comparison, the 21mm d² Dura Grating Micro Mesh features our smallest 10.5mm x 10.5mm hole size and is suited to all footwear.

The smaller holes of these products prevent objects such as screws, nuts and bolts from falling through, whilst preserving light transmittance. The unique patent-pending design allows for improved visual inspection of the substructure below.

d² Dura Grating Mini Mesh is available in a 45mm thickness with 19mm hole size in Dark Grey, Yellow and Green. Also available in 22mm thickness with a 17mm hole size in Dark Grey and Sand.

d² Dura Grating Micro Mesh is also available in the 21mm thickness in Light Grey, Green and Sand.

Patent Pending Patent Application No: GB 19 03941.1.


Our innovative d2 Dura Grating products are suited to every industry.

Available exclusively from Dura Composites with a patent-pending design, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world.

Each variant is compliant with British Standards, has a Class B fire rating and offers superb efficiencies versus previous generation GRP grating.

d2 Dura Grating 22mm & 45mm Mini Mesh & 21mm Micro Mesh Technical Information
NEW d2 Dura Grating Depth (mm) / Open Area Open Hole Size / Open Area Panel Sizes (mm) Colour Panel Weight (Kg/m2)
Mini Mesh 45mm d2 19 / 54% 3667 x 1200
3030 x 1041
Dark Grey / Yellow / Green 16.8
22mm d2 17 / 50% 4039 x 1543
3847 x 1255
3031 x 1015
Dark Grey / Sand 13.3
Micro Mesh* 21mm d2 10.5 / 45% 4047 x 1527
4047 x 1247
3007 x 1007
Light Grey / Sand / Green 13.6

*Available by special order only.

Determining the correct load rating for your GRP flooring is dependent on the intended use and types of equipment placed on it.

A Point Load is any static load considered to act over a small or concentrated area when compared to the extent of the surface to which the load is applied.

A Uniformly Distributed Load or UDL is one where the load is considered evenly distributed across a defined area.

d2 Dura Grating 22mm & 45mm Mini Mesh & 21mm Micro Mesh Load and Deflection Values by Span

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