Dura Deck Resist

Premium Performance & Looks

Advanced co-extrusion technology with a highly engineered protective 360 degree outer armour. Designed with Premium Performance and Looks in mind.

Dura Deck Resist 150 is our premium decking board choice if you require a high specification or if your budget allows.

It features our most beautiful surface ever and is designed to achieve the most natural wood look on the market.

This deck is produced via a co-extrusion process where a 360 degree outer armour is used to protect the core of the deck from the elements.

As a result, Dura Deck Resist is fire resistant to Class B, colour fade resistant, strength load resistant, stain resistant and also highly slip resistant.

It is available in 6 colours to suit all tastes, all of which feature a stunning deeply embossed wood grain on one side and a light groove on the reverse for maximum versatility.

Available in lengths of 3.66m, it is easy to install and has a fantastic 15 year warranty. Dura Deck Resist never requires painting or treating and is easy to clean.

Dura Deck Resist products to buy online

Outstanding Fire Performance

Dura Deck Resist achieves superior fire resistance to any other co-extruded decking on the market. British Standards and European codes use different grading systems to class fire performance of materials, resulting in confusion for the industry. Dura Deck Resist is designed to cut through the noise. Some competitor composite decking may reach Class B when tested specifically with certain fire rated substrate barriers but fail when following their own install guide (due to lack of airflow).

Dura Decking Resist features a co-extruded 360° outer armour which protects the core of the plank, increasing its defensive properties against fire. Customers can have confidence that Dura Decking Resist has been certified and tested by a UKAS accredited body, satisfying current fire legislation; with testing carried out in an environment to closely resemble that of an actual installation for the avoidance of doubt.

Understanding European classification (BS EN 13501): B fl s1

The standard includes seven classification levels, from A1 to F, with A1 representing the highest level of performance and F representing the lowest level. Dura Decking Resist achieves Class B. The ‘s’ part relates to total smoke propagation, during the first ten minutes of exposure. These determine a ‘smoke’ index which affects visibility in case of a fire. The lower the number the less smoke propagation, s1 representing the highest level of performance.

Dura Deck Resist Colours

Our Dura Deck Resist decking boards are available in six colours. Colour samples are available on request, or for large orders, bespoke colours can be selected.

Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Dura Deck is relatively colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.

Our manufacturing process results in a high level of colour consistency although some variation in colour may be apparent across boards from different production batches.


Pebble Grey

Red Cedar


Weathered Cedar


Dura Deck Resist Prices (Prices exclusive of VAT)

Item Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm) Price per Lm MRSP per board Price per m2
Dura Deck Resist Board 150 3660 25 £10.80 £39.53 £72.00
Dura Deck Resist Solid Board 150 3660 25 £18.68 £68.36 £124.50
Solid Fascia 180 3660 10 £7.10 £25.98
End Cap (20 Pack) 150 £12.48
Item Quantity Price per pack
6mm Fixing Clip Box of 100 £7.59
Start/Stop Clip Box of 20 £6.12
50mm Decking Screws Box of 200 +1 Driver £22.28
Item Quantity Price per piece
22mm Aluminium Joists (Bearers)
90° Corner Connector 1 £1.73
Straight Connector 1 £1.08
Joist 22 x 48 x 3600mm 1 £21.74
38mm Aluminium Joists (Bearers)
90° Corner Connector 1 £1.73
135° Corner Connector 1 £1.29
Straight Connector 1 £1.08
Joist 38 x 48 x 3600mm 1 £22.14
Item Quantity Price per piece
72mm Aluminium Joists (Bearers)
90° Corner Connector 1 £1.94
135° Corner Connector 1 £1.73
Straight Connector 1 £1.29
Joist 72 x 48 x 3600mm 1 £37.11
Screws (for Aluminium only)
Self Drill Fixing Clip Screw 200 +1 Driver £30.20
Self Drill Connection Screw 200 +1 Driver £21.56

6 Reasons To Choose Dura Deck Resist

Resists Fire

Engineered to resist ignition of fire to BS EN 13501 Class B fl S1.

Resists Load

Vortex Void design structure allows the deck to withstand 1.4kN point load according to BS 6399-1:1996 and resist significant deformation or sag

Resists Fade

Unique outer armour protects against fade for its entire life so your deck always looks like it did when it was brand new.

Resists Stains

Revolutionary outer armour protects the deck surface from common stains like ketchup, mustard, tree sap and even cooking oil. Just wipe immediately with a clean wet cloth to remove common spills or use a pressure washer for more stubborn debris such as bird mess.

Resists Expansion

The latest technology and cutting edge production techniques mean that Resist features a rate of expansion that’s less than half of its competitors. This means the deck will look great whether it’s hot or cold and is more forgiving on imperfect installs. This is due to the 360 degree armour and the incredibly low water absorption rate achieved through a close cell structure.

Resists Slips

The fantastic wood effect surface features a unique finish that allows the product to achieve low slip potential in dry or wet conditions, whatever the direction of travel. When planning your deck, please note that other manufacturers use the irrelevant 5S slip test as their benchmark, which is easier to achieve and relates to roads, not walkways. We don’t!

1.5kN at 400mm
Span 0.5%
(BS 6399-1: 1996)
Class B
Low Slip
Wet and Dry
(less than 0.2%)
Minimal UV
Colour Fade
(Min 5.7 /
1000 hours
Dura Deck Resist
Premium Composites
Soft Wood Decking
Hard Wood Decking
Product Board Type Board Thickness Board Length Board Width Max Span Weight / Lin m Weight per Length Boards per Pallet
Resist 150 Hollow 25mm 3660mm 150mm 400mm 3.10Kg 11.35Kg 168 Pcs
Resist 150 Solid 25mm 3660mm 150mm 400mm 4.94Kg 18.08Kg 100 Pcs
Test Item Test Parameter Dura Deck Resist Test Results
Linear Thermal Expansion (Lengthways) Test method: ISO 11359-2:1999 Method A Rate of temperature: 3 °C/min 36×10-6 K-1
Water Absorption Test method: EN 317:1993 0.18%
Density Test method: ASTM D792-13 Method B 1.27 g/cm3
UV Light Ageing Test Test method: ASTM G154-16 & ASTM D2244-16 UV Exposure cycle: Exposure duration: 1000h ΔE*ab = Grey Scale 5.72
Tensile Strength Test method: ASTM D638-14 19.1 Mpa
Flexural Strength Test method: reference to ASTM D7032-17 Section 4.4 and ASTM D4761-13 Section 8 25.3 Mpa
Low Temperature Effect (-29 ±2°C) Test method: ASTM D7032-17 Section 4.5.1 and ASTM D4761-13 Section 8 33.9 Mpa
High Temperature Effect (52 ±2°C) Test method: ASTM D7032-17 Section 4.5.1 and ASTM D4761-13 Section 8 16.9 MPa
Moisture Effect (85%RH) Test method: ASTM D7032-17 Section 4.5.2 and ASTM D4761-13 Section 8 27.3 MPa
Freeze-Thaw Effect Test method: ASTM D7032-17 Section 4.7 and ASTM D4761-13 Section 8
Freeze-thaw exposure cycle : 1 Submerge underwater for 24h→2 -29°C, 24h→3 23±2°C,
24h→Step 1~3 as one cycle, total three cycles
Flexural Strength after freeze-thaw resistance: 24.9 Mpa
Flexural Stiffness Test method: reference to ASTM D7032-17 Section 4.4 and ASTM D4761-13 Section 8 Flexural Stiffness: 4160 Mpa
Resistance to Indentation Test method: EN 15534-1:2014 Section 7.5 Brinell hardness: 61.5 Mpa
Charpy Impact Strength Test method: EN ISO 179-1:2010 2.6 kJ/m2
Flammability Resistance Test method: EN13501-1 (EN ISO 9239-1) and (EN ISO 11925-2) Bfl-S1 – As Standard
Slip Resistance Values – BS7976 (4S Rubber Slider) Pendulum Test Values (PTVs)
Longitudinal Dry 44 46
Transverse Dry 52 54
Diagonal Dry 45 47
Longitudinal Wet 37 36
Transverse Wet 37 47
Diagonal Wet 48 36

Pendulum Test Values (PTVs)
Low Slip Potential (36+ PTV)
Moderate Slip Potential (25-35 PTV)
High Slip Potential (0-24 PTV)

Step 1: Secure the first board in position by screwing the start stop clips into place along the bearers. Push the first board into the clips, making sure that the clips hold the deck board securely.

Step 2: Position the standard fixing clip into the side channel of the board and screw down. Make sure they “pinch”. Push the next board into place and repeat. Ensure you check the alignment of the boards each time.

Step 2A (OPTIONAL): If your boards butt join across a bearer, Double Clips can be used for extra support during expansion.

Step 2B (OPTIONAL): If installing adjacent to a wall, Half Clips can be used to for easier fitting.

Step 3: To secure the final board on the deck edge, use 1 start stop clip per bearer or every 400mm on the parallel bearer (as demonstrated).

Step 4: Secure standard clips on both sides and slide second to last board into position (leaving an adequate gap between any abutting board).

Step 5A (Finishing Option): Place end caps to finish your deck.

Step 5B (Finishing Option): If using fascia to finish your deck, elongated holes should be used to allow for expansion and contraction.

Our Essential Guide to Getting the Most From Your Dura Deck

Whether you’re planning a commercial or residential decking project, Dura Composites has a durable, simple to install, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to help maximise the use of outdoor space in all seasons.

Our high-performance composite decks combine fade-resistance with outstanding durability and mean you can spend less time maintaining your deck and more time enjoying it. To ensure you get the best results, we recommend working with a professional contractor with previous decking installation experience.

Please ensure that the guidance provided here and in our supporting Technical Install Manual are strictly adhered to as improper installation (including the use of non-approved trims, fixings and accessories) will invalidate your product warranty.

When planning your Dura Deck, please bear in mind the key considerations below.

1. Safety First

Before installing any decking product, you should review local building codes and regulations, and consult with local building officials to ensure compliance and safety.

Wear protective clothing and safety equipment where necessary such as safety glasses, gloves, dust masks and long sleeves, particularly if cutting in confined spaces.

Refer to the operator’s manuals for safety guides for all power tools used.

2. Storage and Handling

To ensure the best performance of our products, it is vital that proper care and attention is given to storage and handling of materials. Please ensure you adhere to the following guidance:

  • Store the products on a flat and level surface in their original packaging until you are ready to install them.
  • If stored outdoors the pallets must be kept wrapped to prevent exposure to direct sunlight and weathering.
  • Take care to ensure that boards are not stacked adjacent to sources of moisture.
  • Professional fork lifts should always be used while uploading and discharging pallets. Pallet stacking should not exceed 4 pallets maximum.

3. Choose the Right Product for Your Needs

Our narrower boards can look more traditional as they more closely resemble natural wood boards (Eco 146, Resist 150). However, if your priority is to make installation speed as quick as possible, then choose a wider board (Eco 295).

Our boards also offer the option of a wood grain surface finish, or grooved surface design on the reverse, the choice is yours.

Be aware that very large or raised decks may require planning permission.

Raised decks should not be built with the deck level more than 600mm above ground level without specialist advice.

4. Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Extremely warm or cold outdoor temperatures play a significant role in the installation and performance of all decking products.

Following the detailed installation instructions in our supporting Technical Manual will help manage and reduce the effects of thermal expansion and contraction. Please refer to the gap guide in our Technical Manual to ensure your boards have adequate space for expansion and contraction and to preserve the service life of your decking.

Please ensure that you allow Dura Deck to acclimatise to the exterior temperature before cutting and installing.

5. Care and Maintenance

Once you have completed the install of your Dura Decking, we advise that the decking is either washed down thoroughly with a yard broom or pressure washed to ensure that a good clean surface is ready for you to enjoy.

Basic Cleaning
Spray with hose to remove surface debris. Use warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush to clear dirt and/or debris from grooves/contours.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washers up to 1500psi may be used to maintain cleanliness of your Dura Deck. In order to prevent any damage, always keep the pressure washer nozzle at least 15cm (6 inches) from the surface, and avoid concentrated spraying on one area for more for more than 3 seconds.

Dura Composites’ innovative subsurface fixing systems means no nails or screws need to go through the deck itself, creating a smart, uniform and barefoot friendly deck.

Our unrivalled range of fixings cater for a wide range of installations in different environments. Our expert team and downloadable Installation and Technical Manual can provide further guidance on appropriate use of these fixing solutions and screw types.

Standard Fixings

Additional Fixings

Finishing Options

Bearer Options

Ancillary Profiles

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