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Sometimes it can be difficult to get a good estimate on decking prices – we’ve made things a little bit easier. Simply choose which type of Dura Deck plank or Dura Tile that you are interested in, and then enter the approximate length and width of the areas you wish to cover, not forgetting to allow a percentage of wastage. Our handy tool will calculate everything you need to complete your project – from gap fixings to decking screws and trims and end caps.

For a more detailed quote or additional advice, please call our expert UK Sales Enquiries team.

Purchasing new composite decking is a big commitment for any company, especially if you’re going to be buying in bulk. While our decking calculator does a great job of showing how much you could be spending – allowing you to budget accordingly – it doesn’t show you how much you could potentially save by choosing us.

Our composite decking is far more cost effective than traditional timber alternatives. The unique blend of wood and plastic which comprises our decking is far more durable than treated wood, meaning that its life span is far longer. No more having to replace mouldy, rotted timber after a few particularly wet winters!

Additionally, Dura composite decking requires minimal maintenance, so you won’t need to waste money on expensive treatments or oils – just a scrub every now and then and it’ll look good as new.

Take full advantage of our decking calculator to effectively plan ahead; with accurate UK composite decking prices on our complete range and the knowledge of what could be saved, you’ve got everything you need to take the next step.

Decking Calculator FAQs

How much composite decking do I need?

You’ll need enough composite decking to cover your required space, as well as some extra boards in case you need to fill a specific area. Luckily, all our composite decking boards are easy to cut to size with standard tools.

How do I measure my deck?

If you have a standard square or rectangular space, all you need to do is measure (in metres) the width and length of the area. Once you have that, you can use our composite decking calculator to find how much it will all cost.

If you have a odd shaped, or L-shaped decking area, you’ll need to take two measurements for each section and calculate the prices separately.

Is Composite Decking worth the cost?

Yes. Composite decking has a longer service life and requires less maintenance than traditional timber decking, saving you money in the long run. Our composite decking calculator gives an indication of how much you could save.

When to buy composite decking?

Because composite decking is weather-proof, it can be easily bought and installed throughout the year. However, if you want to enjoy your new deck, we’d recommend getting it by late-spring or early-summer.

Which composite decking is the best value?

Over its lifespan you’ll actually save money on repairs and maintenance, keeping the composite decking cost low compared to traditional wood decking. If you’re looking for the best value in the Dura Deck range, Dura Deck Eco is the cheapest board, but still has all the strength of a modern composite deck.

How much does composite decking installation cost?

For detailed costs on installation, you can speak to our specialist composite decking suppliers. Alternatively, you can check out our installation guide if you want to do it for yourself.

How to Measure Your Composite Decking Area


Finding out how big your decking area needs to be before using our composite decking calculator couldn’t be easier. This diagram is an easy way of demonstrating how to measure the space, whether you’ve got a standard square or rectangular area, such as a garden patio, or a slightly more complex installation which is made up of multiple square shapes, such as a terrace or pool side.

If you have a standard, equal-sized space, like ‘Area A’ in our diagram, all you need to do is measure the width and length of the area in metres. This will be one horizontal side and one vertical side. Once you have those two numbers, all you have to do is add them to our decking calculator and you’ll instantly know much much it’ll cost to deck the space with one of our high-quality composite decking solutions.

If you have multiple areas or an L-shaped deck – as shown in the diagram – you’ll need to make two separate calculations. Firstly, take the length and width of ‘Area A’ and get the total area of this section. Then you’ll need to input the length and width of ‘Area B’ into the decking calculator to find out how many boards you need for that section. When you add the two numbers together, you’ll know exactly how much decking you’ll need for your project.