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Durable composite timber louvres for solar shading and brise-soleil

Dura Louvre Cladding is an aesthetically pleasing design solution for providing solar shading for offices and commercial buildings.

Our composite louvres provide effective solar shading and the flexibility to create unique architectural designs

Excessive solar heat gain can be a real issue for building owners, with local building regulations increasingly requiring designers minimise glass areas in their buildings and apply effective solar shading in order to reduce heat gain. Dura Composites’ Louvre Cladding is made from durable timber composite and combines style with practicality. It is ideal for use as solar shading cladding to improve the thermal performance and aesthetic impact of your building, or as screening for applications which require a good degree of ventilation.

Also known as brise soleil, Dura Louvre WPC external shading structures can be fitted to the entire exterior of a building or simply over window areas. Dura Louvre cladding offers a practical composite timber solution for controlling year round solar radiation, reducing energy costs and helping to reduce glare in summer and retain warmth in winter.

Made from a unique composition of timber and plastic, Dura Louvre has been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature ranges and never needs painting or treating over its expected 25 year lifecycle. It is available as FSC® certified as a demonstration of our commitment to responsible sourcing and to preserving the environment for future generations. Each project is unique in nature, and our goal at Dura Composites is to ensure that your specified composite louvre solution delivers the required performance criteria. Contact us today on +44 1255 423601 to discuss your louvre cladding project.


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Dura Louvre Solar Shading Cladding in Cedar provides an aesthetic design solution to protecting a building against the elements.

Architectural Louvres and Curtain Wall Systems

Dura Louvre can be used as an effective curtain wall system, providing an outer non-structural covering for buildings and a distinctive architectural statement. Lightweight and easy to work with using standard carpentry tools, our composite timber fins can help reduce construction costs and offer a high performance curtain wall solution for both new and refurbished buildings. By choosing versatile composite timber Dura Louvre which never needs staining, treating or painting, you can achieve many years of aesthetic, low-maintenance performance. The louvres have a rectangular blade profile and can be spaced to suit the specified airflow and weather performance of each project. When used as external architectural louvres, Dura Louvre Cladding can help to soften existing glass, concrete or steel décor to provide an attractive wood effect finish.


Dura Louvre is available in 3 striking colours - Teak, Cedar and Charcoal. An example of Dura Louvre in Teak is shown above.

Solar Shading and Brise Soleil Systems

Today’s building designers are aware of the risk of a building overheating through excessive solar gain in the summer and the need to design appropriate shading solutions. Well-designed solar shading can reduce the need for, (or the installed capacity of) air conditioning systems and can help reduce costs over the lifecycle of the building. Made from high performance composite timber, Dura Louvre can be cleverly angled to make the most of low sun in winter but offer protection from extreme heat or solar glare during the summer months when the sun is high. As each design is bespoke, our experienced team will help you optimise your building shading depending on your local conditions and design of the building so you can create a striking low-maintenance architectural feature. Dura Louvre WPC solar shading or brise soleil systems are available in Cedar, Teak and Charcoal colours in 140/40mm profiles as standard, and use a simple bracket sleeve to fasten the cladding to the substructure. Other louvre colours and profiles are available as special order on request. The Dura Louvre brackets can be powder coated to complementary RAL colours to enable them to blend seamlessly with the building façade.


Dura Louvre cladding can be used to screen unsightly areas whilst maintaining ventilation and has all the appearance of wood with none of the maintenance drawbacks.

Bespoke Screening & Ventilation

Dura Louvre cladding can be used as visual screening in locations which are sheltered from adverse weather, or where rain penetration is acceptable. Made from low maintenance composite timber it is ideally suited for covering unsightly areas whilst still maintaining desirable daylight. Dura Louvre panel systems are popular with architects and designers for the effective screening of pipework, utilities and other areas from view and can bring a natural wood look to any building façade without any of the costly ongoing maintenance of wood.

Dura Louvre can be used both to highlight a building’s features and to help key areas to blend in with the overall design. If you’re looking for a timber fin solution to conceal HVAC systems on the top of a building, our knowledgeable team and in-house CAD designers can help design a composite screen or façade that will stand the test of time. Unlike wood screening systems which can fade quickly, Dura Louvre is engineered to resist fading, and comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes

Dura Louvre is available in Cedar, Teak and Charcoal colours, in 140/40mm profiles as standard. Louvre cladding will transform the exterior of any building, and is especially useful for covering unsightly areas, providing privacy, weather protection, energy efficiency, and ventilation.

Composite Louvre Cladding in Teak, Cedar and Charcoal

Dura Composites composite louvre cladding is available in three colours. To check colour availability for product types, please visit the product range page. Colour samples are available on request, or for large orders, bespoke colours can be specified.

Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Dura Louvre Cladding is relatively colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.