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Fire Rated Wood Look Cladding

Co-extruded composite cladding with a Class B fire rating

Introducing Dura Cladding Resist: The UK’s first co-extruded composite timber cladding with Class B fire rating. Dura Cladding Resist is engineered to resist the ignition of fire and is tested to BS EN 13501 Class B s2 d0 to satisfy current and future fire legislation.

Dura Cladding Resist Fire Rated (FR) is our premium cladding plank choice if you require a high specification or if your budget allows. It features our most beautiful surface ever and is designed to achieve the most natural wood look on the market. The composite timber cladding is produced via a co-extrusion process where a 360° outer armour is used to protect the core from the elements for maximum fade and stain resistance.

Not only does Dura Cladding Resist’s FSC® 100% chain of custody certification mean that any wood content in our products comes from well-managed forests, but up to 78% of the materials used are recycled hardwood and plastic too.

This means that by choosing us, customers are helping to conserve the earth’s resources, whilst also diverting plastic waste from being sent to landfill.

Dura Cladding Resist (FR) Colours

Our Dura Cladding Resist planks are available in six great wood-look colours. Free samples are available on request so you can appreciate the stunning reversible surface finish for yourself. To order your sample click here and type “Resist Cladding” into the Additional Comments box.

Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Dura Cladding Resist is designed to resist fading, you should expect a minimal amount of initial colour lightening as the product weathers after install, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.

Our manufacturing process results in a high level of colour consistency although some variation in colour may be apparent across boards from different production batches.

Dura Cladding Resist in Mahogany

Dura Cladding Resist in Pebble Grey

Dura Cladding Resist in Red Cedar

Dura Cladding Resist in Larch

Dura Cladding Resist in Weathered Cedar

Dura Cladding Resist in IPE

6 Reasons To Choose Dura Cladding Resist

Resists Fire

Engineered to resist ignition of fire to BS EN 13501 Class B S2 d0 to satisfy current and future fire legislation. Dura Cladding Resist is designed to be installed with our powder coated aluminium trim system for superb fire protection.

Resists Fade

Unique outer armour protects against fade so that your cladding always looks like it did when it was new. With reversible planks for maximum versatility, you can choose from either a woodgrain or grooved appearance.

Environmentally Friendly

Dura Cladding Resist is FSC® certified, meaning its kinder to the environment thanks to its recycled content, long-life cycle and recyclability.

Resists Stains

The revolutionary outer armour protects the cladding surface from common stains, such as tree sap, providing a low maintenance and long term weatherboard building cladding solution.

Resists Expansion

Dura Cladding Resist features a rate of expansion less than half of its competitors. This means the cladding looks great in all climates.

Easy Installation

An easy to install fire rated composite cladding solution with simplified, low profile aluminium trims. Features pre-drilled slotted fixing holes in the cladding planks and hassle-free fixing screws.

Understanding Fire Safety Standards

Fire Resistant Composite Cladding – Choose Dura Cladding Resist (FR) with Confidence

Our new Dura Cladding Resist product range is manufactured from a unique combination of recycled wood and plastic and can be combined with aluminium trims and battening to create an industry-leading ‘best-in-class’ solution when it comes to fire performance of low-rise building cladding.

The fire resistance of a material is its ability to resist the effects of fire for a defined period of time and this is usually measured by submitting the material to a fire test as defined in an internationally recognised standard.

The European classification (Euro Class) system for fire resistance/reaction to fire was approved in the year 2001 with the EN 13501 series of standards which are the EU common standard for assessing the performance of building materials in the event of a fire.

The Euro Class system compares ignitability, flame spread, heat release, smoke production and the propensity for producing flaming droplets or particles. The standard includes seven classification levels, from A1 to F, with A1 representing the highest level of performance and F representing the lowest level.

The diagram below explains the various components of our industry-leading Dura Cladding Resist classification:

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ProductPlank ThicknessPlank LengthPlank Face WidthMax Fixing SpanWeight per l/m
Resist 180 Weatherboard10mm3660mm180mm400mm2.28Kg

Dura Cladding Resist Fire Rated composite cladding system now includes an innovative range of custom-made aluminium trims, as well as no-fuss fixing screws, for ultimate ease of installation. Available in coordinating colours for maximum versatility and to suit any design.

Starter Trim*


Reveal Trim


Connection Profile


Internal Corner Trim


End Closure Profile


External Corner Trim


*Starter Trim only available in the colour black. Hidden on installation.

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