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Langton Dock, Liverpool

Futureproofing this iconic location with an exciting upgrade

Project: Langton Dock, Liverpool

Client: Salvesen UK on behalf of Peel Ports

In 1881, as wars raged abroad and a harsh blizzard swept across much of England, the unveiling of the Langton Dock must have been a calming, stabilising feat for most of the country who needed a home-grown architectural triumph to ground them.

It was here at these very docks, over a century later, that Langton Dock got the refurbishment upgrade it needed. With a collaboration of key companies, the dock was transformed from the timber boards, to our durable grating that was in fitting with its strong history.

At a boat building and repairing dock, where strength, knowledge and safety is key, Salvesen choose to once again turn to us here at Dura to provide them with our d2 Dura Grating Mini Mesh.

The Mini Mesh, with its cleverly designed smaller holes, prevents objects falling through it from height and so protects any workers below. The lightweight but strong nature of the grating, also allowed for easy installation, so no large machinery was needed to install and work could continue at the dock, ensuring no costly overheads.

Commenting on the project, Dean Fuller, Marine Manager at Dura, said;

In an area of heavy traffic, it was important that we provided Salvesen with a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time and never rot or fade. It was fantastic working with them once again and we look forward to future collaborations in equally historical locations as upgrades continue.

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Discover the benefits of d2 Dura Grating

Dura Grating Standard Mesh
26mm, 38mm & 50mm

Dura Grating Mini Mesh
23mm, 35mm, 45mm & 55mm

Dura Grating Micro Mesh

Dura Grating Solid Top
29mm, 41mm & 53mm

Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, d2 Dura Grating offers outstanding safety, performance and durability and is more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario. It can be applied in all industries where GRP mesh grating is used today and has an industry-leading Class Bfl-s1 fire rating as standard in accordance with BS EN 13501 (excludes 23mm). As with all our grating, it can be supplied with a range of stainless steel clips, clamps and hold down fixings to suit all install scenarios.

A comprehensive range of load testing data is also available within our searchable Online Product Selector database to help you make decisions based on real data to ensure maximum safety for your project.


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