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Why use composite materials for your floors and stair treads?

By Stuart Burns January 8, 2014


If individuals on your premises are handling dangerous chemicals or corrosive liquids, you’ll need floors and stair treads that are capable of withstanding spillages and leaks, if you’re to avoid compromising their integrity and the safety of the occupants. Suffice to say, unlike many traditional flooring materials, our fibreglass flooring systems and stair treads are incredibly tough and will provide you with significant peace of mind if and when accidents happen.

Does it cause sparking?

As we have just discussed, many factories will have hazardous environments and having floors and stair treads that creates sparks can lead to very dangerous situations. For example, we once worked with National Grid installing a fibreglass flooring system because they were worried about their existing metal walkways and hand railings creating sparks – no small concern given the problems this could cause with so much electricity around!

Unlike other industrial flooring systems, our fibreglass gratings, slabs and hand railings are specifically designed to avoid sparks no matter what they come into contact with.

Mesh sizes

Whilst you may not have considered it before, whether you opt for a solid floor or a grating is something you should certainly bear in mind. Whilst a flat surface may seem like a perfectly fine choice, flat surfaces can experience pooling should a spillage occur, which in turn could lead to accident and injury. Alternatively, an open mesh grating surface can be very useful if you require ease of communication between different levels, or where liquids need to drain. Having said that, there will also be cases where a completely flat surface is absolutely necessary. At Dura Composites, we have a range of different mesh sizes as well as linear gratings and solid slab flooring panels, meaning that you can enjoy long lasting, high quality, slip-resistant surfaces for your floors and stair treads.

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to your floors and stair treads, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.