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Three of the main advantages of using composite materials for your marina’s flooring

By Stuart Burns March 4, 2014


No one wants to invest in a contract flooring system one year only to see it fade the next, yet this is a situation many marina owners find themselves in, having failed to consider whether or not their new flooring system is UV resistant.

In order to help marina owners avoid this unwanted deterioration, we at Dura Composites have subjected all our marina contract flooring systems to 5,000 hours of UV simulation. Despite this being a whopping five times the exposure most companies test their products to, all our fibreglass products retained their full colour! This means that even after 25 years, you can still expect your floor to retain the vibrancy of colour it had when fitted. Even our wood plastic products, which contain a high proportion of reclaimed natural wood, retain around 90% of their colour indefinitely.

Mesh size

Mesh size is something that needs to be considered and when it comes to the floors and stair treads f marinas, smaller is generally better. Whilst most industrial clients opt for our 32mm hole grating, we usually recommend 12mm hole grating for non slip decking in marinas. Not only will using a smaller mesh eliminate issues such as keys and other items being dropped through the floor, it is also far better for leisure footwear, whilst still allowing water to drain through easily. Whereas no one will be wearing flip flops in a factory, people may well be wearing them on a marina and choosing a small mesh will mean they are far less likely to trip – something that can result in painful grazes given the coating used to increase its slip resistance. Moreover, most people also consider a smaller mesh size to be more attractive!

Where strength is a key factor, however, you might want to consider opting for a solid topped engineered flooring system. Similarly, where pooling is less likely to be an issue, such as on slopes or pontoons with significant movement, a flat surface may well be preferable.


Sparking can cause problems in industrial environments, and the same is true of marinas. Whether there’s a possibility of oil spillages or you simply want to make some amendments to your marina without sending sparks in every direction, opting for a fibreglass engineered flooring system will give you significant peace of mind.

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to creating world-class marinas, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.