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The Rise of Composite Walkway Solutions

By Stuart Burns April 15, 2014

Composite products are now becoming more widely specified as the advantages of fiberglass materials in particular are recognized by clients and contractors alike. Whilst traditional materials will always have their place, as the emphasis on speed and durability increase, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) engineered composites products will become more and more mainstream. Let’s consider the reasons that many contractors are already choosing FRP grating walkways – quality suppliers can provide square mesh structural flooring systems rated to high load capacities that will not rot, fade or warp, can be worked on site and are light enough to be man handled as required. Further, the material is non sparking, non conductive, fire resistant and also offers one of the highest slip resistances ever measured for a walking surface.

warden bridge

Warden Bridge before works

warden bridge after

After works: 50mm Dura Grating installation by Amco

Warden Bridge across the River South Tyne has recently been decked with Dura Grating 50mm in a grey colour to provide a safe walking surface to allow maintenance access in all weathers.

Crucially, it was installed without significant additional equipment keeping possession time to a minimum.

The Grand Sluice Bridge with Dura Grating anti-slip walkways

The Grand Sluice Bridge with Dura Grating anti-slip walkways

Another such beneficiary of a new safe walking surface is The Grand Sluice Railway Bridge in Lincolnshire. Completed in 1885, this Richard Johnson bridge is listed, of national significance, and is still in use.

This particular project required much preparation to ensure that suitable fixings were used to suit not only the particular configuration of the bridge from a structural perspective, but also from a conservational point of view. The bridge now benefits from Dura grating anti-slip walkways with a bespoke fixing solution.

3km of Dura Slab trench covers at Reading Train Care depot

3km of Dura Slab trench covers at Reading Train Care depot

Another instance where a composite flooring product solutions have been adopted to great effect is at Reading Train Care depot.

Dura Slab trench covers were selected to allow quick maintenance access to Pre Cast concrete trough utilities with a bespoke packing system to ensure the trench cover finished flush with the surface level.

Multiple DuraSlab Trench Covers were engineered to suit various trough designs to meet Network Rail requirements with EN 124 Class B125 as one of the main criteria.

The solution had to be developed to allow a rapid installation process as the project required 3km of Dura Slab FRP anti-slip structural trench covers.

Cookspond viaduct with new Dura Grating walkway

Cookspond viaduct with new Dura Grating walkway

Both Queen Adelaide Bridge and Cookspond viaduct (pictured right) have benefited from recent refurbishments due to the weathered condition of the traditional wooden walkways.

A Dura Grating pedestrian walkway panel was supplied including all the necessary parts to complete the install including Anti-Vibration Fixings.

There are exciting times ahead for suppliers, contractors and end clients alike as companies such as Dura Composites invest in innovative new technology to bring new and better solutions to the market that were once the preserve of traditional materials.