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By Stuart Burns August 19, 2014

cost calculatorWhether you’re a professional or a DIY buff, our easy-to-use online cost estimator will save you lots of time and effort in producing a fully priced materials list for your Dura Deck or Dura Tile project.

The estimator allows you to choose a factor for wastage which depends on the cut lengths that your project requires, and also allows the option of including any required fascia trims and Dura Composite's bearer system.

It automatically allows for the required gaps between planks and produces a listing of the decking or tiles, clips, fixings and screws required.

The estimator can accommodate multiple deck areas allowing complex areas or several projects to be detailed as part of a single priced materials list.

The fully priced list of materials is immediately displayed on screen, and the user then has the option of requesting a fullquote from our decking specialists who will also be able to provide fast and practical support based on the initial cost estimate submitted.

Test out our materials and cost estimator now.


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