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New ‘Superstrong’ Composite Timber Decking a World’s First

By Stuart Burns December 9, 2011

Dura Deck 225 HD Composite Decking

A new heavy-duty composite timber decking that could transform public walkways has been launched by Dura Composites.

The new decking product, Dura Deck 225 HD (Heavy Duty), is stronger than anything else on the market, with a unique below surface high capacity fixing system. So it’s quicker to lay, safer to walk on, withstands greater loads and lasts far longer than conventional walkway and decking systems – composite or natural wood.

Stuart Burns, Director, Dura Composites said: “Customers have been asking for a stronger decking product to replace real wood decking – Dura Deck 225 HD is just that. So it’s ideal for high-traffic public areas such as walkways, bridges and terraces where safety and beauty are of utmost importance.”

Dura Deck provides outstanding weather-proof performance and endurance even in extreme weather conditions, with high strength and beautiful wood appearance. Dura Deck 225 HD spans up to 700mm for standard pedestrian loads, making it ideal for public walkways in parks, riversides and sports clubs and many other heavy footfall applications where reducing the sub-structure can save huge amounts of money. Purchasers can even select which of the different surface designs they wish to use as the walking surface – smart grooves for extra grip or a wood grain finish for traditionalists.

Dura Deck 225 HD Composite Decking

Dura Deck can be installed either on a proprietary composite timber bearer system for maximum life-span or can be used in conjunction with a timber joist sub-frame using Dura Composites’ unique fixing system. The system has been specially designed to be compatible with market leading adjustable pedestals incorporating slope correctors to create drainage falls or to create height changes for aesthetic purposes.

All Dura Deck products are made from a closely guarded and highly developed mix of reclaimed wood and high density polyethylene, with an attractive hardwearing anti-slip finish. The result is a 75% recycled product that won’t rot or support algae growth and has an expected lifespan of more than 50 years with a 12 year warranty. The product is available as standard in Grey or Teak, but any other colour may be special ordered.

Dura Deck 225 HD Composite Decking

Additional Information

Following the huge success of the heavy duty 295/23 Dura Deck launched in 2008, the company sought to provide specifiers and architects with a product that would further enhance the reputation of composite deck boards, particularly in terms of strength and endurance. The goal was not only to provide high load capability to cater for a wide range of public walkways, but also to ensure that the board was able to stand up to the rigours of events as diverse as golf buggy movements and stiletto heel footwear point loads on dance floors. To this end, the board able to span up to 750mm for pedestrian loadings (assuming a 2kN point load at 1% deflection). The plank will not fail until it reaches a massive 640kg on a point load at a regular span of 400mm – that is the equivalent of 8 average size adult men standing on each other’s head.

Carrying out theoretical testing is one thing but real testing in laboratories and on walkways is quite another. As part of Dura Composites worldwide distributorship programme, tests are also carried out in the searing heat of Dubai where temperatures can reach over 50 Degrees Celsius. Based on real test data, models are created to predict material behaviour at different temperatures. This enables Dura to publish suitable installation instructions for each regional climate. The colour of the board is even taken into account as a dark colour reaches a skin temperature up to 15 deg C higher than a light colour.

Dura Composites are committed to pushing the boundaries of WPC development by evolving the science of extruded engineering to provide deck boards with a traditional appearance with composite technology.