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National Grid Guide To Choosing Trench Covers

By Stuart Burns March 17, 2015

NG Dura Slab trench coversDura Composites has launched a 76 page National Grid Technical Manual for Fibreglass Solid Trench Covers.

Working closely with key specifiers and main contractors the guide is designed to allow the selection of the most efficient composite product for a project, and also to determine the design and fixings central to a successful project.

These lightweight GRP trench covers are simple to install and have a high load bearing capacity. Various products are also uniquely designed to be non-rocking and non-floating which are key parts of the National Grid specification criteria.

The Manual addresses the following topics:

  • How to choose the right solid trench covers
  • How to avoid 'rocking panels'
  • How to avoid the risk of floating panels
  • How to specify fixing systems that still allow simple access
  • How to meet National Grid Specifications Design Handbook 10 Issue 4, TS 3.10.02
  • How to deal with T-junctions, curved trenches and more
  • How to check conformance with BS EN124 or FACTA specs