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Too many building projects are held back by poor quality materials, but a leading expert in composite materials is making his expertise available for free to remedy that

By Stuart Burns December 6, 2013

Stuart Burns of Dura Composites, a renowned authority on composite building products, believes that far too many building projects are unnecessarily held back by poor quality materials. He has decided to remedy the problem by making his experience and expertise accessible in a new information guide, which he has decided to make available for free.

As Stuart explains…

The success, or otherwise, of a building project often hinges on the quality of the materials used. Unfortunately, the wide variety of different materials available means that selecting the right ones can be a confusing, arduous task. As a result, many architects or site managers end up making do with inferior materials, when their needs would be perfectly met by high-quality composite products.

That’s why I wrote my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”, and have decided to make it available online for free. This guide covers everything architects and site managers need to know about implementing composite materials in their future projects, whether it’s to create highly durable industrial flooring or an attractive new deck.

Anyone who’d like a copy just has to visit www.duracomposites.com and spend a few seconds filling in their details.

For more information and to arrange interviews, contact stuart@duracomposites.com.