Magnox Power Stations Choose Dura Composites for Fibreglass Trench Covers, Grating, Stair Treads and Stair Covers

By Stuart Burns October 16, 2013

One of Magnox nine nuclear power sites found it imperative to find a long term solution to the manual lifting of heavy trench covers. Dura Composites were identified as the best solution and supplied heavy duty fibreglass trench covers, as well as heavy duty fibreglass floor grating, stair treads and stair covers.

Magnox operate a ‘Learning from Experience’ initiative and rapidly communicate learnings and good practices across their nine nuclear power sites. Immediately the Dura Composites solution was implemented, a ‘Green Event Brief’ was sent to all sites to let them know about Good Practices from which the following is extracted:

Actions Taken:

  • Heavy concrete trough lids have been replaced in areas where it is impossible to access with mechanical means and would need lifting frequently in the future.
  • Heavy duty non-slip fibreglass floor grating has been used on the refurbishment of walkways located at the Site Sewage Plant.

Fast Learning from this event:

  • The installation was quick and caused little disruption to the Site.
  • The manual handling issue of removing heavy concrete covers has been minimised.

Key Issues:

  • The installation of the lightweight troughs has reduced the likelihood of a manual handling event.
  • It has reduced the cost to the project for resource requirement when the tough covers need lifting and replacing
  • It has reduced the likelihood and severity of any entrapment injuries.
  • It has reduced the risk of damage to any cables or fibres from a dropped cover.