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Largest Supply of Pontoon System in the UK

By Stuart Burns October 31, 2014

When marinas fall into a state of disrepair, major investment is needed to bring them up to the standard today’s boaters expect and demand. One such was London’s largest marina, South Dock Marina on the south bank of the Thames, a popular marina with 250 berths which first opened in 1994 and has now been redecked and refurbished by Dura Composites.

“The pontoon system had fallen into a state of disrepair which berth holders were not so happy with, especially the lack of antislip,” said Dura Composites director Stuart Burns.

south dockThe company won the tender bidding process held by marina owners Southwark Council to supply and arrange the installation of 4000m2 of its Dura Grating Mini Mesh fibreglass marina decking, the largest single supply of the pontoon system in the UK.

“It was unusual for Dura Composites in that we were required by Southwark as the winner to arrange the installation. Usually we just supply the decking,” said Mr Burns. “We worked with a partner who was also known to the council. We were very pleased to be selected from the list of tenders.”

The mini mesh was chosen for its anti-slip properties, 50 year lifespan and good testimonials from other clients including the RNLI. The decking has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, with its gritted surface especially suitable for wet, icy or oily conditions. “The composite never has to be painted or stained. It’s simply washed clean,” said Mr Burns. “Other systems such as wood do have maintenance issues.”

And in order to make the project more commercially viable for the council, Dura Composites was able to incorporate aspects of the existing pontoon system which were still serviceable into the new decking system, minimising cost and time. “The pontoons all look brand new even though there are parts which are not new,” said Mr Burns.

And the project also incorporated new product development such as a unique colour to blend in with the rest of the facility. “Our standard colours are green, grey and sand which does need to be cleaned more frequently,” said Mr Burns.“The client wanted a darker sand colour so the deck looks great for longer and doesn’t show the wear as much.

The project also included a fender system, developed bespoke for the marina, again using composite technology. “The client wanted more functionality and visual appeal so we developed a black fender system to differentiate from the pontoons which can now be adapted to suit other clients,” he said. “The entire system has been produced as environmentally friendly as possible.”

Work on the marina was completed over the summer months with the client being ‘very pleased’ with the result. The decking is available in a variety of mesh sizes and thicknesses and can be supplied as solid top decking or mesh grating.

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