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Experts in composite materials offer a fresh approach to creating cladding for buildings

By Stuart Burns January 28, 2014

Dura Composites, the leading provider of composite building materials, are now offering a new approach to providing cladding for buildings that represents a serious alternative to traditional materials.

As company founder Stuart Burns explains…

Given that our composite timber decking was such a runaway success, the team at Dura Composites were naturally keen to take things further. Thanks to our extremely talented development team, we were quickly able to develop a range of quality cladding solutions, created to the same exacting standards as all our existing products.

These solutions represent a serious improvement over traditional approaches in terms of aesthetics, ease of installation and the quality of insulation they provide, so we’re keen that more architects and site managers are aware of the possibilities they offer. We suspect they may well end up superseding traditional materials altogether, such is their quality.

This is just one of the topics I discuss in my new information guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”, which I have decided to make available for free for a limited time.

Anyone who’d like a copy just has to visit www.duracomposites.com and spend a few seconds filling in their details.

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