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Expert in composite materials aims to prove that they can be used for far more than industrial applications by offering a free information guide

By Stuart Burns January 17, 2014

Stuart Burns of Dura Composites, a renowned expert in composite building materials, has found that they have uses far beyond the industrial applications they are often associated with, some of them quite surprising. He is making his new information guide available for free to explain this.

As Stuart explains…

It’s a common misconception that composite building materials are only for industrial applications. However, having worked with composite materials for many years now and helped architects and site managers all over the UK make effective use of them, I can say from first-hand experience that this is far from the case.

Composite materials are actually a wonderful choice for decking of any sort, whether it’s for a garden or a marina, as they are versatile, eco-friendly and look great. Better yet, they offer exceptional value for money, so anyone looking to create a great looking deck without spending a fortune should seriously consider them.

This is just one of the topics I discuss in my new information guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”, which I have decided to make available for free for a limited time.

Anyone who’d like a copy just has to visit www.duracomposites.com and spend a few seconds filling in their details. It’s as easy as that!

For more information and to arrange interviews, contact stuart@duracomposites.com.