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Dura Tile Installed Throughout BMW Pavilion at Goodwood Festival of Speed

By Stuart Burns June 30, 2014

BMW, as an official sponsor of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, has an imposing Pavilion in the main exhibition arena. The exclusive BMW Owners’ Lounge provides the perfect environment for BMW owners to enjoy a great view of the Hillclimb.

And a festival of speed it was when it came to redecking the pavilion in Dura Composites Interlocking Decking Tiles in time for the start on 26th June. Composite decking tiles are ideal for exhibition flooring and event flooring due to their rapid installation and removal time.

Manufactured from polyethylene based resins, reclaimed hardwood, and finished with an attractive hard-wearing anti slip finish, Dura Tile eliminates rot, algae growth, discolouration and significantly reduces the risk of slipping in wet conditions. Dura Tile plastic decking tiles are manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials, yet gives the appearance of traditional hardwood timber. The advanced material composition meets many of today’s requirements set by architects, designers and specifiers.

The decking tiles are quickly and easily linked together over practically any hard surface, creating a “floating” tiled surface. The tiles are not screwed, nailed or bonded to the surface in any way, so installation requires minimal surface preparation, saves cost and time and no fixings are required. The plastic grid base allows water to drain freely under the decking tiles and the open structure of the base provides excellent air circulation preventing mould and mildew in damp and dark locations.

The beautiful traditional appearance of wood and long lifespan make Dura Tile composite decking tiles the obvious choice for new or replacement decking projects. Dura Tile has an expected lifespan of 50 years+ and an anti-slip surface that meets British Standard 4592 Pendulum Test.

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