Dura is big news as curtain falls on Big 5

By Stuart Burns March 13, 2012


It wasn't just our products in demand as Big 5 Saudi drew to a close today - Dura Composites has also been attracting international media attention.

First we featured in a Big 5 round up piece on Middle East business website AMEinfo.com.

Asked our opinion on the importance of green products in Saudi, you can read my answer here http://www.ameinfo.com/293238.html

Then came TV attention with broadcasters quizzing us live on camera about the potential for our innovative building products in the Saudi marketplace - that'll be me being interviewed in the picture above. My answer was simple - the region has enormous potential for forward-thinking suppliers like Dura

Anyway, off to the airport tomorrow and then back to base on Thursday to find out what's being going on while we've been away.

It's been a great few days here in Saudi and given us plenty to think about as we continue to grow the business throughout 2012 and beyond. We've met several potential distribution partners and seen massive demand from contractors for our durable products range.

Not bad for four days work...