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Dura Grating Helps Deliver Unique Spa Experience on Floating Pontoons in Subterranean Bermudian Cavern

By Stuart Burns September 29, 2015

bermuda3Dura Composites has supplied its anti-slip GRP mini-mesh grating to Bermuda’s only all-inclusive beach resort with stunning effect. Set in 21 acres of landscaped gardens, the Grotto Bay Beach Resort is home to two 500,000 year old subterranean limestone caves known as Cathedral Cave and Prospero’s Cave.

Cathedral Cave is marked by a large deep lake and is beautifully lit from inside to allow resort visitors to swim in the clear cool waters. Prospero’s Cave is even more spectacular with dramatic formations of stalactites and stalagmites and is home to the newly refurbished Natura Spa with floating massage pontoons. Dura Grating used on all walkways.

While the resort has been using the cave to host treatments at its Natura Spa for several years, the pontoons were installed as part of a refurbishment project to expand the existing facilities. The three new floating pontoons are linked by a series of lightweight anti-slip walkways, all fabricated from Dura Grating Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Mini-Mesh in an attractive sand colour to effortlessly blend with the spa’s natural setting.

The refurbishment plans were devised to guarantee minimal impact on the cave itself, with no fixed structures installed and a dedication to aesthetic appreciation of the natural environment. Dura Grating GRP anti-slip grating was chosen for its low-maintenance, cost-effective and durable properties and for its ease of installation in the challenging setting.

bermuda2Dura Grating is a highly engineered open mesh structural flooring system manufactured using advanced composite technology. It features one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface and can be used in a variety of internal and external applications to replace steel, metal or wood.

In the case of the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Dura Grating with Orthophthalic Polyester resin was chosen to suit the environment. Orthophthalic is a general purpose economic resin which can easily withstand the effects of the products used in the spa treatment programmes, as well as the impact of the subterranean marine atmosphere. It provides excellent traction when wet and offers a fantastic 25 year life cycle and warranty thanks to its durable nature and low maintenance requirements. Dura Grating weighs approximately one third as much as traditional steel grating and has the added benefit of being corrosion resistant. Each panel was cut to exact size to ensure minimal wastage, and the product’s lightweight nature meant that it could be easily manoeuvred into place despite the underground location.

Speaking following the installation, JP Martens, General Manager of the Grotto Bay Beach Resort said this about the refurbished Natura Spa, “There is no experience like it in the world. The setting is stunning, perfect for a relaxing massage performed by professional therapists. Guest comments have been phenomenal”.

Dura Composites sells directly to a wide variety of UK customers, from global contractors to a domestic users. It also sells through a well-established global distribution network. The range of products on offer is vast, from floor walkway grating, through to decking, cladding and hand railing to lift risers or trench covers. All products offer customers a low life cycle cost thanks to their long life expectancy and low maintenance requirements.