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Dura Composites Develops Innovative Lightweight Hand-Launched Glider

By Stuart Burns November 12, 2013

Dura Composites continue their technical innovation with the development of a light-weight glider. The Dura Plane is a hand-launched glider that soon many customers will receive in thanks for their orders and/or photos of Dura Composites installations.

Dura developed this technical tour-de-force after rigorous beta testing of pre-production models in their Essex offices. The Dura Plane promises to make an equally strong impression on customers with its state-of-the-art aerobatic manoeuvres.

To generate a bit of fun, and to enable further prizes to be won, customers will be asked to send in videos of Dura Plane flights by email for evaluation by the Dura flight crew. The videos will be judged on flight duration, length, and above all office banter and laughter. The best ones will win further prizes. Watch this space…

Dura Plane