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Delivering First Class Quality Surpassing Customer Expectations

By Stuart Burns August 27, 2013

Delivering first class quality products and installations whilst exceeding customer expectations. These are the goals we strive towards. We don’t always achieve them but it’s really good to have customers confirm it when we do!

"While fitting out a Penthouse apartment on the Palm Jumeirah Dubai, I have had to deal with more than a dozen separate sub-contractors. I can say without hesitation that Dura Composites, with Paul Fletcher my point of contact, have outclassed them all by a margin so wide that comparison becomes meaningless.

With Dura Composites there were no problems with the supply or the install. From the beginning they were professional and they knew exactly what they were doing, they needed no micro-management, no pushing and no prodding (if you work with sub-contractors you will know what I mean). The quality of their installation was far superior than even I could have expected.

I was hugely impressed and extremely happy; just look at the photos which speak a thousand words. Basically Paul and his team went beyond what was expected to deliver a first class product at a first class location.

If you wish for a trouble free and high quality installation, then I recommend that you use Dura Composites."

Penthouse Owner (name supplied)
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, February 2013

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