Composite Timber Interlocking Decking Tiles – No Fixings Required

By Stuart Burns April 2, 2011

Plastic Wood Decking Tiles & WPC Decking TilesInterlocking Decking Tiles

Featuring the Interlocking system, each tile can be attached to the next in seconds and will enhance and add value to balcony decks, roof terraces, patios, verandahs, conservatories, restaurant terraces and swimming pool decking.

No Fixings Required

The tiles can be laid in two directions to create a unique pattern. The Interlocking tile joining system is easy to lay and large areas can be installed quickly. Excellent savings can be made as no fixings are required.

Beautiful Wood Look Composite Decking Tiles

Dura Tile composite timber products are manufactured using the wood plastic extrusion (WPC) system, which provides a beautiful timber look product with exceptional long lasting weathering properties. Composite timber extrusions are UV stable, colour fast, ECO friendly, and have a 50 year lifespan.

Composite timber has a beautiful appearance, with all the advantages of wood, but is virtually maintenance free and is colour stable.

Plastic Wood Decking Tiles & WPC Decking TilesProduced From Polyethylene Resins

Dura Tile composite interlocking decking tiles are fitted to a strong, heavy duty plastic interlocking frame creating exceptional strength and lightness.

Manufactured from polyethylene based resins, reclaimed hardwood, and finished with an attractive hardwearing anti-slip finish. Dura Tile eliminates rot, algae growth, discolouration and significantly reduces the risk of slipping in wet conditions.

Dura Tile is manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials, yet gives the appearance of traditional hardwood timber. It's advanced material composition meets many of today’s requirements set by architects, designers and specifiers.

Dura Tile Interlocking Patio Tiles

Dura Tile is the ideal for public areas such as Outside Refreshment Bars, Walkways, Verandahs, Balconies, Conservatories, Patios and Pool Decking.

Commercial enterprises such as Holiday Parks, Leisure Centres and Theme Parks can benefit in the short and long term by fitting Dura Tile to those areas where safety standards are an important factor.

Plastic Wood Decking Tiles & WPC Decking TilesDura Tile as a Long Term Investment

Although timber has been used for Decking applications for decades we are all aware of its shortcomings. For the first few years timber decking works well. However, after a period of time timber, however treated, will start to deteriorate and rot, with continual wet and dry cycles. Also, the walking surface can become quite slippery when wet, green with algae, or when drinks and other liquids are accidentally spilt. To overcome these safety and long-term durability issues, many commercial operators are insisting on using composite materials as a long term safety investment. Dura Tile out performs all other materials, and its anti slip qualities are “second to none” especially in wet, greasy and frosty conditions. Slips, trips and falls, due to unsuitable walking surfaces, cause most accidents in leisure environments.

Advantages Versus Timber

  • Does not split, splinter or rot
  • Anti-slip qualities greater than timber and dries quickly
  • Can be jet washed when necessary
  • Can be sanded to remove stains
  • Retains natural timber appearance with minimal maintenance
  • Needs no staining, oiling or painting
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Fast replacement of old timber decking