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Two great fire rated, anti-slip solutions.

Both solutions have a class A2fl-s1 rating and address the dire need for improved fire safety on mid and hi-rise buildings and in public areas. Each aluminium board has a double skin with an anti-slip surface and uniform underside to provide an attractive in-built soffit detail. All Dura Deck Aluminium products are tested by a UKAS accredited body.

Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain
Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm or 27mm deck boards meet the requirement for positive drainage, particularly on balconies. Water is guided to a gutter with a floor area of over 6m2 through the clever patented design of our decking board profiles (Patent No. GB 2 615 096).

Dura Deck Aluminium Free-Drain
We also offer a free draining solution where water drains through the gaps between the decking planks onto the area below. Dura Deck Aluminium Free-Drain 18mm is ideal for low level terraces and decking areas, or for balconies less than 6m2 that do not require water management.

Dura Deck AluminiumFire Rating (BS EN 13501)Max Centre-to-Centre Span (2kN PL or 5kN/m2 UDL)*Surface FinishColours
Free-Drain 18mm A2fl-s1850mmV-GrooveAnthracite, Cedar, Mist
Positive-Drain 18mmA2fl-s1 1050mmReededAnthracite, Cedar, Mist
Positive-Drain 27mmA2fl-s11400mmReededAnthracite, Cedar, Mist

*Based on live load testing of stock (3 interconnected boards).  Max span figure assumes use of 50mm bearer and is calculated at lowest achieved value of either Point Load or UDL Load for ultimate safety.

Available in 3 Attractive Contemporary Colours

Our Aluminium Decking Products are available in 3 attractive, contemporary colours that look great in any commercial or residential environment.

Anthracite – RAL 7043

Cedar – RAL 1019

Mist – RAL 7001

Dura Deck Aluminium comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty, subject to a correct and proper maintenance regime.

8 Reasons to Choose Fireproof Aluminium Decking

A2 Fire Rating for Peace of Mind

Strong and tough, Dura Deck Aluminium is made from high grade T6 aluminium and is ideal for any application that requires an A2 Fire Rating (A2fl-s1) in accordance with BS EN13501, perfect for applications over 11-metres, such as residential and mixed-use developments, schools, universities, hospitals & libraries.

Cooler Under Foot

Our aluminium decking has high thermal conductivity providing a cooler deck surface than most wood or composite surfaces. The lightweight 27mm and 18mm profiles of the two products make them ideal for new builds as well as refurbishments where the fire ratings of existing 28mm timber decking are insufficient.

Ultimate Safety in Design

The beautiful plank-look surface features the latest technology and can be installed rapidly. The boards are available in 3 modern colours and can span up to 1m (Dura Deck Aluminium Heavy Duty) or 600mm (Dura Deck Aluminium Standard Duty. Spans are based on stringent 2019 2kN load criteria according to BS 6399-1:1996).

Built-In A2 Fire Rated Soffit

Soffits are an important visual aspect of a building’s design, requiring materials such as metal or PVC sheets. With a 150mm visible face, the deck board offers an integrated drainage system, channelling water away from your structure to create a beautiful, low maintenance deck and a usable, dry space below, with attractive integrated soffit detail.

Guaranteed Long Term Performance

Our aluminium decking has undergone stringent testing to BS 6399-1:1996 to guarantee its effectiveness.

Proven Best-in-Class Slip Resistance

Engineered with a unique paint formula for unrivalled low slip potential, achieving 63 in the dry and 54 in the wet taking the 4S Slider Slip-Resistance Test.

Integral Water Management

Its unique design enables Dura Deck Aluminium Decking to channel water runoff to the building’s rainwater collection system.

Versatility in Design

Both of our ranges meet the needs of all project specifications including off-site manufacturing techniques and ‘slide-on’ cassette balconies, improving the speed and safety of the installation process.


Due to its lightweight design and hard-wearing composition, Dura Deck Aluminium is perfect for a range of applications. Specifically, its outstanding fire-resistance and compliance with EU and UK government recommendations mean that it’s great for terraces and balconies on buildings over 18 metres in height.

Even if fire safety is not a consideration, they offer a sleek, contemporary finish to any project. Furthermore, with a 60 year service life and low maintenance requirements, Dura Deck Aluminium is perfect for public spaces.

  • Highrise balconies
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Walkways
  • Hotels
  • Pub and restaurant terraces
  • Student accommodation
  • Commercial flooring
  • Park homes and holiday lodges
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings

The Dura Deck Aluminium Product Ranges

Free-Drain 18mm

The ideal replacement decking material for degraded or non-compliant timber on balconies, low level terraces and walkways or new build cassette balconies covering less than 6 sqm.

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Positive-Drain 18mm

The latest generation A2 fire rated decking for new balconies 6sqm+, including stacked balconies that require positive drainage and projects that require privacy of a soffit detail.

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Positive-Drain 27mm

Perfect for balcony projects with in-built drainage trays where they are replacing non-compliant timber AND have large spans. Applications include commercial walkways and pedestrian bridges.

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Aluminium Pedestals & Bearers

A2 fire-rated and height-adjustable support pedestals and bearers can be easily combined to suit all project needs. With 8 different heights of pedestals and 3 different heights of bearers, the Dura Composites system provides the most economical substructure combination on the market and is suitable for use as a decking substructure on external balconies, terraces roof gardens, domestic gardens, or for industrial flooring.

This system has been developed to be fully compatible with the latest developments in fire safety legislation and to improve building safety and achieves a Class A2 fire rating to EN13501-1 standards with its standard anthracite powder coated finish and an A1 rated mill finish is also available by special order.

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