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Use our virtual reality tool to decide on your perfect Dura Cladding Aluminium and Dura Deck Aluminium colour pairing. See the surface of the deck boards and profile of the cladding close up and design your ultimate A2 fire rated solution.

Product Guide

Dura Deck Aluminium | Aluminium Decking

Dura Deck Aluminium is a Patent-Pending Aluminium decking system designed for high-rise balconies and public areas that require Class A2 Fire Rating. Available in two ranges to meet the needs of all project specifications, Dura Deck Aluminium gives developers and contractors the ultimate peace of mind for new and replacement balcony decking and addresses a general need for improved fire safety on balconies, terraces and public buildings.


Product Guide

Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium | Aluminium Cladding

Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium is a Patent-Pending, fully fire-rated façade solution, designed for public buildings of any height & buildings that require a Class A2-s1, d0 Fire Rating.


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