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Embankment Staircases

Rapid Installation Times & Reduced Costs

Dura Embankment Staircases are Cost-Effective

Embankment Stairway systems are made from tough and durable, robust fibreglass. They are also lightweight, high strength, anti-slip, non-corrosive and non-conductive and so overcome all of the problems normally associated with the use of traditional materials such as wood, steel and concrete.

Across the country, embankment staircases are in need of essential replacement and refurbishment works to ensure their safe use by foot traffic. Treads, landings and handrails need periodic maintenance and replacement due to the inherent issues with traditional materials, such as the degradation of wood, rusting of metal, becoming slippery due to buildup of organic material, or lack of compliance with updated legislation.

Dura Fibreglass Grating for Embankment Staircases as an Alternative to Traditional Materials

Fibreglass Grating staircases are the first and only walkway system to have high strength and a gritted walking surface that provides one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, especially in rain, frost, ice and light snow conditions. Various fibreglass handrail safety systems are available for staircases, according to specific requirements.

Dura Embankment Stair Cases are a ground breaking pultruded FRP rapid install stair system, ideal for use on embankments to provide safe access to works staff and also to passengers in the event of evacuation. They are designed as a modular system, allowing the contractor huge flexibility both at the design stage and also on-site. They feature anti-slip fibreglass solid or mesh surfaces to cater for all types of footwear, offering excellent anti-slip qualities. The embankment stair case steps are versatile and feature a quartz embedded anti-slip, gritted surface. The products are precision engineered and feature a permanent high visibility stripe on each stair nosing for maximum pedestrian safety. Available with Form 3 Approval, the products can be easily manoeuvred and are available on short lead times to provide maximum workability on and off site allied to fast installation.

Fibreglass Anti-Slip Steps

Featuring Dura Grating Treads

Our Dura Grating stair treads are available in three anti-slip mesh aperture sizes and also solid surface, as follows:

  • Micro Mesh – 8mm x 8mm mesh
  • Mini Mesh – 12mm x 12mm mesh
  • Standard Mesh – 32mm x 2mm mesh
  • Solid Surface – flat gritted anti slip surface

Panel Thickness and Mesh Size Information 

Dura Grating is available in Standard Mesh, Mini Mesh and Micro Mesh versions for maximum versatility. Dura Grating is a market leading fibreglass grating solution which is designed to withstand the harshest of industrial and commercial environments. GRP Dura Grating requires little or no maintenance and its lightweight nature makes it easier to handle and install than metal gratings. Dura Composites offers a FREE cut to size service prior to delivery for quick and easy install or if you prefer, our GRP grating can be cut on site using standard power tools with a diamond tipped blade. Dura Grating has one of the highest degrees of slip-resistances ever measured for a walking surface especially in wet, oily and icy conditions and is a suitable surface for rail walkways, crossings, stair tread projects, refuge platforms, access structures and much more.

British Standard Slip Resistance test results for structures fitted with fibreglass grating walkway stair tread surfaces

The B.S. 4592 test was devised to test and assess the slip resistance of industrial type flooring, intended for use in water and wet areas. A co-efficient of friction (CoF) is calculated by determining the mean angle of inclination that an operator can safely maintain when the flooring is subjected to a continuous stream of water.

Dura Composites offers you a very high quality and versatile product range and our products are regularly tested – passing recognised international and national standards.

Angular Quartz is integrally bonded to the top surface of our FRP gratings, which produces an extremely hard-wearing surface that greatly enhances the anti-slip properties & durability of the grating product.


  • Embankments
  • Road Access Points
  • Field Access
  • Signal Boxes
  • Work Platforms
  • Temporary Access


  • High Strength To Weight Ratio
  • Bespoke Construction
  • Pre-Fabricated
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy To Install With Minimal Plant
  • Assembled In Modules


  • Modular Systems / Rapid Installation
  • Design Flexibility
  • Saves On Possession Times
  • Can Be Used In Harsh Environments
  • Ideal For Manual Handling
  • Temporary & Permanent Applications


Standard colours are grey and yellow, with other RAL colours available on request for volume orders.

Standard Mesh

Mini Mesh

Micro Mesh

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