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Ballast Retention Systems

Fibreglass Inspection Chambers Allows Examination of Hidden Critical Elements (HCE) of Bridge Girders

Dura Composites co-design and supply a range of Network Rail approved fibreglass ballast retention systems.

Dura Composites co-design and supply a range of Network Rail approved fibreglass ballast retention systems.


logo-risqsFibreglass Ballast Retention Systems – Unlimited Life Span


Fibreglass / FRP / fibre reinforced plastics ballast board systems have gained considerable success at various locations throughout the UK. The hidden critical elements (HCE) works are to replace the existing timber designs or provide new ballast support to the main internal and external steel bridge girders and thereby providing visual access for inspection of the previously hidden steel girders.

Dura Ballast Retention Systems & Products

Supplied throughout the United Kingdom, Dura Composites Ballast Retention Systems are fully engineered, market leading and the ideal choice for any Ballast Retention or Hidden Critical Element (HCE) projects. Form 3 Approved, using advanced composite technology, all systems have proved time and time again to significantly reduce the on-site real time. This allows for a faster project turn around in comparison to using traditional materials. Workability and short supply lead times are just two elements which have been key to minimising the risk of any potential problems or last minute delays.

Closed 50mm Dura Grating System: Form 3 Approved

Closed 50mm Dura Grating System: Form 3 Approved

Closed 50mm Dura Grating System: Form 3 Approved

The Fabricated 50mm Grating Web Stiffener system “The Original Web Stiffener” design with form 3 approval. This system comprises of GRP Gratings with attached Angles and unique Anti Compression Systems. For inspection this system incorporates open mesh lid with 42mm apertures.

This form 3 approved Closed Ballast Board System incorporates the “Type 40 Solid Ballast Boards”. Due to its solid construction we offer a Open Mesh Top Lid system so HCE elements can be inspected easily (see pics). If corrugation is needed the bottom boards can be pre cut by Dura or on site by contractors. On site cutting requires jig saw/angle grinder only and is easily workable. An easy face fix system is also available.

Open 16mm Dura Plate System, Without Lid

Open 16mm Dura Plate System, no Lid

Open 16mm Dura Plate System, Without Lid

The Fabricated 16mm GRP Plate and Angle web stiffener system was “The 2nd Form 3 Approved System”. The web stiffener system is produced using GRP Profiles bonded and bolted together. This type of Ballast Retention reduced the number of components, saves weight and enhances strength. It improves installation time on site and allows easy modifications if required. With less components it is easier to supply quotations, purchase, fabricate and install.

Form 3 approved, Dura Grating Open Ballast Retention Board System consists of open mesh Pultruded Dura Gratings. With its 21.6mm apertures there is no need for inspection hatches or lids as HCE elements are easily seen through the gratings. If corrugation is needed then 50mm grating is incorporated (shown in pic). Corrugation can be cut by Dura/on site. On site cutting requires jig saw/angle grinder only. An easy face fixing system is also available.

Closed System with Inspection Hatches, Without Lid

Closed System with Inspection Hatches, Without Lid

Closed System with Inspection Hatches, Without Lid

The Form 3 approved Type 40 Closed Ballast Board Retention System consists of, Type 40 Pultruded Dura Slab only, without intermediate web stiffeners and suites spans less than 1200mm. The solid construction system is also available with a lockable hatch system so HCE elements can be easily inspected. If the system includes corrugation the bottom boards can be pre-cut in the factory or on site by the installation contractors. On site cutting and fixing is easily carried out using portable jig saws and angle grinders. An easy to install face fixing system is also available.

Lids only

Ballast Retention Systems - Lids only

Lids only

For applications when full systems are not needed, where the requirement only calls for lids or extensions onto existing ballast retention systems, we have supplied 2No systems so far. Pultruded Grating Lids with a 21.6mm open aperture or standard Grating Lids with a 42x42mm open aperture.

Composite Rail Products

New Universal Modular Web Stiffener: Form 3 Approved (Patented)

New Universal Modular Web Stiffener: Form 3 Approved

New Universal Modular Web Stiffener: Form 3 Approved


Form 3 approved, specifically developed for HCE works. The “NEW Modular Web Stiffener System” is the latest in highly engineered composite technology consisting of two Fibreglass pultruded beam profiles which are bolted and bonded together allowing an infinitely “I” Beam size to suit individual Ballast Retention types and sizes. This system reduced the number of components and weight even further but still retains the required strength. By reducing components and weight reduces installation time and workability on site.

Easier and Faster to Install On-site

By significantly reducing the weight and by bonding in the factory, we have not only increased our speed of delivery but we have also reduced installation time. Based on real site feedback, not only is it easier to handle but the new design also allows easier on-site adjustments.

Improved Fabrication Lead-times

The average Ballast Retention package currently takes 2 weeks to fabricate. The new design allows the same package to be produced in 2-3 days. As well as investing in new tooling we have also added significant new machinery including bespoke cutting and bonding equipment to enable this huge speed improvement.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

The new design has been created as a two-part Pultrusion with an advanced resin, glassfibre system. This hi-tech precision engineering allows a significant weight saving over current designs whilst retaining a huge safety factor.

With the “NEW Modular Web Stiffener System” now in stock it means that we can deliver urgent materials to coincide with last minute possession or line blockages which can be critical making it the ideal choice over current systems on the market.


  • Hidden Critical Elements (HCE) Projects
  • Any Ballast Retention Projects
  • Extensions to Existing Ballast Boards
  • Inspection Lids to Existing Ballast Retention Systems


  • High Load Capability
  • Low Weight
  • Easy Access Lids & Hatches for Inspection
  • Quick Installation
  • Short Turn Around
  • Pre Assembled option available


  • Network Rail, Form 3 Approved
  • No heavy lifting equipment needed
  • Quick inspections of HCE’s for short blockages
  • Minimized track time and possessions
  • Quick delivery for last minute possessions