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Ultra Deck Product Range

Composite decking for the marine environment.

Dura Composites is a global supplier of fibreglass marina decking and composite timber pontoon decking as a replacement for traditional, older pontoon decking or deck materials such as wood and steel grating. Composite Marine Decking is ideal for many leisure developments as well as for refurbishment or upgrade projects across the marine industry. For more information on our fibreglass grating click here.



Type 146

Ultra Deck type 146 is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. Our unique Composite Timber formula looks and feels just like natural wood, but with the durability of a longer lasting deck. The innovative subsurface fixing system means no nails or screws need to go through the deck itself, helping you to maintain a smart, uniform, and barefoot friendly deck. Like all of our WPC boards, Ultra Deck Type 146 is reversible to allow you to choose from two attractive finishes and is available in Teak and Charcoal.

Type 150

Ultra Deck Type 150 is ideal for those looking for a traditional appearance for their decking area. This deck has a deep embossed woodgrain on one side and is grooved on the reverse, for maximum versatility. Available in lengths of up to 3.6m, it is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance and looks and feels just like natural wood. Like all of our WPC boards, the Type 150 is reversible to allow you to choose from two attractive finishes, available in Oak and Ash.
Please note that Type 150 composite decking uses different fixing clips and screws to that of the Type 146, 225 and 295. Please therefore remember to use the appropriate clips for your chosen deck boards. In scenarios where butt-jointing is needed, please ensure that double joists are used to accommodate fixing clips for each board.

Type 225

Ultra Deck will not split, splinter or rot and is extremely dimensionally stable. This deck is ideal for public walkways and leisure complexes thanks to its heavy duty performance. It requires minimal maintenance and needs no painting or staining over the course of its lifetime. It also has a high resistance against environmental impacts such as fungal or mould attacks. Like all of our WPC boards, Dura Deck Type 225 is reversible to allow you to choose from two attractive finishes. Ultra Deck Type 225 is available in Charcoal and Teak colours.

Type 295

Ultra Deck 295 is an ideal solution for public areas such as parks, outside refreshment bars, walkways, verandas, promenades, balconies, bridges, orangeries, patios and pool decking. Available in both Charcoal and Teak, the boards have larger grooves on one side and are sanded smooth on the reverse so you can choose the finish that best suits your project. Ultra Deck 295 is made from double-width boards that can halve installation times and provides a resilient and lasting decking solution. Like all of our WPC boards, it’s also reversible to allow you to choose from two attractive finishes.

PVC Type 140

An attractive, low-maintenance PVC decking solution, PVC Type 140 has been developed primarily for verandas, balconies or other small decking areas.This plastic decking is easy to install and barefoot friendly, as all of the screws are concealed below the surface. There are no gaps between the boards, making PVC Type 140 great for terraces and eating areas. Available in two versatile colours, Slate Grey and Coffee, PVC Type 140 has been designed to suit a broad range of marine-based leisure environments.


Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Composite Marine Decking is relatively colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.

Composite Marine Decking fixings & accessories

Once you’ve selected your product type, colour and surface finish, it’s time to think about fixings. Below you can find our range of fixing clips, bearer systems and end caps. Type 150 Ultra Deck uses different fixing clips and screws to Type 146, Type 225 and Type 295, so please remember to order the appropriate fixings for your deck.

Ultra Deck below surface fixing system for Type 146, Type 225 and Type 295


Standard fixing clips

Two types of fixing clip provides vertical screw fixing and allows individual decking boards to be removed for access at any time. Gaps between boards are 6mm or 10mm.



Start / Stop fixing clips

This clip is designed to secure the start or end boards without unsightly screws through the walking surface



End caps

End caps can be used to seal board edges in areas where decking edges are exposed. Suitable glues can be supplied for permanent fixture.



Ultra Deck fixings and accessories


Standard Fixing Clip for Type 146, 225, 295


Half Length Fixing Clip for Type 146, 225, 295


Double Length Fixing Clip for Type 146, 225, 295


Start/Stop Clip for Type 150 only


Start/Stop Clip for Type 150 only


Centre Clip for all Types except 225


Start/Stop Fixing Clip for Type 146, 225, 295


Anti Tamper Fixing Clip for Type 295


Adjustable Pedestal

Please note: only fixings supplied by Dura Composites validate our standard product warranty.

 Ultra Deck product table