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PVC Caravan Handrailing

Plastic Handrailing For Mobile Homes, Caravans & Terraces

Our new Dura Park Deck PVC handrailing is the perfect complement to our Dura Park Deck PVC decking. Available in warm-to-touch high quality plastic, our uPVC balustrading is easily assembled and provides a great frame for your decking area.

Adding a deck to your caravan or holiday home will enhance its appearance and can also increase your usable living space by up to 50%. This white modular safety stair handrail and barrier system is designed to be installed alongside our Dura Park Deck PVC decking in Coffee or Slate Grey to enhance the outdoor area of your static caravan, lodge home, holiday home or park home. The smooth and sleek white finish of the handrailing is both attractive and virtually maintenance free, so you can spend more time enjoying your outside space and less time maintaining it.

For all UK decking and handrailing enquiries, please call:

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We offer a range of PVC balustrade components to help you complete your sundeck, veranda or terrace, with everything you need to create the perfect finish – from brackets to pickets, post caps and handrails.

If you need decking as well as handrailing, our PVC decking is an attractive, low maintenance option with fantastic anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions. Known as Dura Park Deck it will help and ensure that you maximise the investment in your home or business by allowing it to remain accessible all year round, whatever the weather.

Dura Park Deck Balustrade Product Range and Prices

Your new plastic handrailing can be as individual as you are. Choose the combination that best suits your caravan or domestic needs and call us now on +44 1255 440298 to place your order or for technical or design support.

Dura Park Deck Upright Post 101×101 PVC + ASA White 1800mm

Dura Park Deck Handrail Bracket & Cover PVC White

Dura Park Deck Routed Handrail 85×60 PVC + ASA White 2325mm

Dura Park Deck Routed Handrail 85×60 PVC + ASA White 1829mm

Dura Park Deck Routed Handrail 85×60 PVC + ASA White 1505mm

Dura Park Deck Picket 38×38 PVC + ASA White 720mm

Dura Park Deck Top Cap 128×128 PVC White

Dura Park Deck Post Skirt 126×126 PVC White

Dura Park Deck Sloping Bracket Top 151×97 PVC White

Dura Park Deck Sloping Bracket Bottom 156×97 PVC White

Dura Park Deck Plain Handrail 85×60 PVC White 2440mm

Dura Park Deck Gate Profile 85.5×85.5 PVC + ASA White 3015mm

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