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Garden decking

A low maintenance alternative to timber

Why choose composite timber for your garden decking?

Dura Deck wood plastic composite (WPC) decking boards have a beautiful timber appearance, with exceptional durability and a virtually maintenance free finish, meaning you can spend time enjoying your garden deck, instead of maintaining it.

Whilst timber has traditionally been used for garden decking, it has a range of drawbacks. It needs regular maintenance which can be costly and time consuming, becomes slippery when wet and is prone to rotting, fading and staining.

Dura Deck composite timber decking is a result of extensive development and provides the best of both worlds; a long-lasting decking material with a beautiful traditional wood appearance but almost no maintenance needed. It has a high resistance to UV light, and therefore resists fading, even during the summer months or in hot climates. Additionally, it won’t splinter, split or rot and is resistant to the impact of moisture, mould, and algae, requiring only an occasional wash and scrub to keep it looking at its best.

Dura Deck is easy to install and is available in 4 stunning colours with a 10 year warranty and 25 year service life, giving it an extremely cost effective lifecycle.

Dura Deck composite decking boards are safe and barefoot friendly

Whatever your style, our range of decking colours, and surface finishes are designed for the future, and can help you make the most of your outdoor space. Manufactured from a unique combination of wood and plastic to create a composite timber, our unique formula combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability of an engineered composite.

All Dura Deck boards are reversible to allow the installer to choose from two attractive finishes and the innovative concealed fixing system used in Dura Deck garden decking boards means there are no screws or nails showing, making it barefoot friendly and safe for children and pets alike.

Our narrower boards (Type 146 and Type 150) have a more traditional appearance and most closely resemble natural wood planks. However, if your priority is maximising the speed of installation then one of our wider boards (Type 225 or Type 295) may be more suitable. For times when you need to cut boards to specific sizes whilst maintaining core strength, we also offer solid section profiles.

Dura Deck garden decking is available to buy through our specialist distributor, International Timber, who have 4 major UK depots in Stirlingshire, Manchester, Gloucestershire and Essex, as well as through specially selected Jewson stores and builders merchants.


The eco-friendly choice

Dura Deck composite timber decking is incredibly versatile and can be used in practically every scenario to create the perfect outdoor space.

Made from an innovative blend of up to 87% recycled hardwood and plastics, our composite decking materials help to conserve the earth’s resources, whilst also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

And what’s more, Dura Composites was the world’s first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100% certified, further cementing our position as a global pioneer in the world of composite timber. Our FSC ® 100% chain of custody certification (C108450) guarantees the use of FSC ® certified forests in Dura Composites’ production chain, and means that any wood content in our products comes from well-managed forests. This means our customers can have confidence that they are helping preserve our natural resources for future generations.

For the perfect eco and wildlife-friendly garden design, we recommend that Dura Deck be installed alongside plenty of complementary low-maintenance hedge varieties and potted plants which will provide a vital haven for birds, bees, butterflies and other important fauna.


Available in a variety of colours and finishes

Our composite decking boards are available in a variety of colours, as well as finishes, to complement their natural appearance. From slate grey and charcoal to more earthy tones like oak and teak, there is an option to suit every application. Whether for commercial or domestic use, our boards come free from visible fixings, enhancing the appearance even further.

Dura Deck Type 146 Teak sunglasses towel

Dura Deck Type 295 Teak

Dura Deck Type 150 Ash

Decking colour options

Our decking boards are available in six colours. To check colour availability for product types, please visit the product range page. Colour samples are available on request, or for large orders, bespoke colours can be selected.

Please note that colours shown are representative only; actual colours may vary slightly. Whilst Dura Deck is relatively colour stable, there will likely be some initial colour lightening as the product weathers, which typically occurs in the first 3 months.

Our manufacturing process results in a high level of colour consistency although some variation in colour may be apparent across boards from different production batches.

Dura Deck Type 146 Charcoal

Dura Deck Type 150 Natural

Width: 150mm

Depth: 22mm

Length: 3660mm

Max Span: 400mm


Dura Deck Type 225 Heavy Duty

Width: 225mm

Depth: 30mm

Length: 3660mm

Max Span: 600mm

Dura Deck Type 295 Teak

Dura Deck Type 295

Width: 295mm

Depth: 23mm

Length: 3660mm

Max Span: 500mm