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Archive for the ‘Marina Deck’ Category

Dura Composites Installs 4000m2 of Decking in Prestigious London Marina

June 17th, 2014 | Marina Deck, News | 0 Comments

Dura Composites has supplied and installed 4000m2 of its Dura Grating Mini Mesh fiberglass marina decking to Southwark Council’s South Dock Marina, representing the largest supply of material for any one marina in the UK.

South Dock Marina is London’s largest marina prestigiously located on the south bank of the Thames downstream from Tower Bridge and upstream from Greenwich. It opened in 1994 and has been undergoing a redevelopment including the replacement of the existing timber walkways and pontoons. They chose Dura Grating Mini Mesh for its unsurpassed anti-slip properties, 50 year life span, and a growing track record of performance from customers such as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Dura Composite’s fibreglass marina decking has a proven gritted, maximum anti slip surface which has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface, especially in wet, oily and icy conditions. The integral gritted non slip surface of the marina decking provides long lasting protection and is the ideal replacement for traditional timber decking materials used in marina developments and constructions. It comes in a variety of mesh sizes and thicknesses. It can also be supplied as solid top decking providing a strong, level surface for foot or wheeled traffic and provides approximately 30% higher stiffness values than open mesh grating.

The Dura Grating Mini Mesh has been installed and the pontoons are open to berth holders. A grand opening of the refurbished marina is planned once contractors have completed final works to services.

south dock

Three of the main advantages of using composite materials for your marina’s flooring

March 4th, 2014 | Articles, Marina Deck, News | 0 Comments


No one wants to invest in a contract flooring system one year only to see it fade the next, yet this is a situation many marina owners find themselves in, having failed to consider whether or not their new flooring system is UV resistant.

In order to help marina owners avoid this unwanted deterioration, we at Dura Composites have subjected all our marina contract flooring systems to 5,000 hours of UV simulation. Despite this being a whopping five times the exposure most companies test their products to, all our fibreglass products retained their full colour! This means that even after 25 years, you can still expect your floor to retain the vibrancy of colour it had when fitted. Even our wood plastic products, which contain a high proportion of reclaimed natural wood, retain around 90% of their colour indefinitely.

Mesh size

Mesh size is something that needs to be considered and when it comes to the floors and stair treads f marinas, smaller is generally better. Whilst most industrial clients opt for our 32mm hole grating, we usually recommend 12mm hole grating for non slip decking in marinas. Not only will using a smaller mesh eliminate issues such as keys and other items being dropped through the floor, it is also far better for leisure footwear, whilst still allowing water to drain through easily. Whereas no one will be wearing flip flops in a factory, people may well be wearing them on a marina and choosing a small mesh will mean they are far less likely to trip – something that can result in painful grazes given the coating used to increase its slip resistance. Moreover, most people also consider a smaller mesh size to be more attractive!

Where strength is a key factor, however, you might want to consider opting for a solid topped engineered flooring system. Similarly, where pooling is less likely to be an issue, such as on slopes or pontoons with significant movement, a flat surface may well be preferable.


Sparking can cause problems in industrial environments, and the same is true of marinas. Whether there’s a possibility of oil spillages or you simply want to make some amendments to your marina without sending sparks in every direction, opting for a fibreglass engineered flooring system will give you significant peace of mind.

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to creating world-class marinas, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

Using composite materials to create high quality marinas

January 21st, 2014 | Articles, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, Marina Deck, News, Ultra Deck | 0 Comments

Whilst the industrial market was the first market we targeted almost 20 years ago, we quickly realised that the main advantages of our engineered flooring systems, namely their strength, durability and high slip resistance, made them perfect for marina environments too. Combined with my father’s extensive knowledge of the marine industry, having spent decades constructing fibreglass boats, this was an obvious next step.

The advantages of using composite materials in this environment are numerous…


Undoubtedly, the material most commonly used for marina flooring is wood. However, this is more for aesthetic reasons than for practical ones.

In a wet environment, wood can deteriorate very rapidly if not properly looked after. What’s more, it is often difficult to spot problems once they do arise, and unless the owner notices the issue in time and has the capital to solve the problem quickly, failures are bound to occur – some of which may lead to serious accidents.

Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to opt for a contract flooring solution which is able to offer you peace of mind when it comes to structural integrity, such as those we provide at Dura Composites. With your high quality engineered flooring in place, you really can rest assured it will retain its strength and durability over the years.


Exposed to harsh winds, sun and, of course, saltwater, marina flooring systems often require a great deal of maintenance to ensure they stay looking good and functioning correctly, especially if they involve wood.

Whilst wooden flooring systems require varnishing/painting at regular intervals, this is not the case with our pontoon decking products (fibreglass or wood plastic composite). All you’ll need to do to keep your marina looking good as new is give some areas a jet wash to remove grime from the surface every now and again. It really is that simple!

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to creating world-class marinas, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

MCProducts becomes approved installer

September 6th, 2012 | Marina Deck | 0 Comments

MCProducts, part of the MCP Marine Group, has visited the Dura Composites headquarters in Clacton today to learn more about our innovative range of marine decking products. Alongside a product presentation, tour around the facility and an introduction to our team, delegates from MCProducts successfully completed the Dura Composites installation training to become ‘Approved Installers’.

MCProducts is a supplier and installer of innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to the marine leisure industry. We, at Dura Composites, are delighted about the partnership because it will guarantee the best quality installation of our Ultra Deck and Marina Deck ranges in its pontoon, finger and gangway installation projects across the south coast of England.

MCProducts recognise the benefits of composite technology over traditional timber and concrete. It has chosen our decking products for the marine industry because they are designed to fit easily and quickly into new or existing pontoon structures, are eco-friendly and offer commercial customers a 12 year warranty.

MCProducts customers will be able to choose from both Ultra Deck and Marina Deck. Ultra Deck looks and feels like timber whilst it’s unique composite formula allows a 25 year lifespan without rotting, warping or splintering. Unlike others on the market, we also offer double width boards of 295mm that not only enable high load capacities but can also halve installation time- an obvious plus for the company and its customers.

Marina Deck is a specialist fibreglass grating with enhanced anti-slip properties. Designed to withstand the rigours of marine environments, it is extremely tough and durable with a life span of over 50 years plus.

Both Dura Composites and MCProducts are committed to providing sustainable solutions so the partnership is a perfect fit for both parties.

Marina Deck Selected For Stromness and Kirkwall Marina

February 17th, 2011 | Marina Deck | 0 Comments

Marina Deck has been selected for the new Orkney Island Marina construction and Marina development at Kirkwall and Stromness. The Orkney Islands Council considered various Pontoon Decking options, including traditional timber planking and PVC plastic materials, and after careful consideration, Fibreglass Marina Decking was selected for its 50 year plus life span, and incredible anti-slip properties. Marina Deck out performs all other materials, and its anti-slip quality is second-to- none in wet, oily and icy conditions.

Quote from Stuart Craigie – Department of Technical Services, Orkney Islands Council:

“We were looking for a man-made non-slip material and Marina Deck fitted the description to a ‘T’, and we also liked the idea that water could pass through. If we get a high wave action, there’s no uplift because the water just passes through the surface mesh.

The non-slip qualities are very impressive. We didn’t come across any other products that had the same anti-slip qualities. We looked at synthetic wood type materials. In the dry it had a good gripping surface, but as soon as it got wet, it was a bit slippery, especially when water was mixed with any sort of detergent, or anything similar. You know that was the end of it. Obviously, it was slippery then, but Fibreglass Marina Deck wasn’t. We didn’t come across any other material with the same non-slip qualities. Also, the aesthetics are excellent, and the longevity factor is very important – that’s why we stipulated a 25 year life span in the tender documents”

In addition to improving safety standards Marina Deck provides excellent impact resistance, is easy to install and offers long term durability. The gritted anti-slip surface has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface. Consideration should be given to installing Fibreglass Marina Decking and Fibreglass Pontoon Decking.

These products are ideally suited for replacing hardwood decking, timber planking and slippery decks.