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Composite Garden Decking Adds £14.7k to Average Property Values of East of England Homes

April 24th, 2017 | Composite Timber Cladding, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News, Press Releases | 0 Comments

pretty Dura garden 2Leading supplier of composite timber decking and cladding, Dura Composites, and respected East Anglian estate agents, Boydens, have revealed that homeowners typically add a fantastic 5% to the value of their home through the simple installation of composite decking in their gardens. With the average property price in the East of England quoted by Barclays as £294,000, this adds a substantial £14,700 in value.

Homeowners in Colchester could see an uplift of £17.5K, while Chelmsford residents installing quality composite decking can expect to add a healthy £18.1K to their property value. Those in Suffolk can also maximise their property value with houses in Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds bolstered £16.5K and £15.9K respectively by adding composite decking to make their gardens accessible and usable all year round.

With Dura Composites estimating the average decking material cost for a 3-bed terrace for customers in the East of England at approximately £2,126, investing in composite decking such as their market-leading Dura Deck is a sure-fire way to give your property a boost. Given the 5% rise in property value estimated by Boydens, it’s clear that embarking on a simple composite decking installation can provide an almost sevenfold return on investment.

The number of people who stand to benefit is rising, as Dura Composites have also revealed a recorded growth in sales of 367% of its Dura Deck composite decking and composite Dura Cladding over the past 5 years, as customers discover the benefits of this low maintenance, eco-friendly and attractive material.

Managing Director of Dura Composites, Stuart Burns, explains how installing decking can be an effective way of raising the value of a property for those looking to remortgage or for those participating in the Government’s Help To Buy scheme.

“Whilst a property’s value can increase over time naturally, if you’re planning improvements to your home it’s important that you focus on those aspects which can make a real difference should you decide to move on in the future. In this day and age, owning a home is not, in itself, going to earn you enough money to move up to the next price bracket, so you have to take active steps to create that extra value for yourself. Many of those using the Help To Buy scheme look to add additional value to their home where possible in order to release the equity to repay the loan. Installing composite decking is a great way to achieve this. Its natural wood appearance, long lifespan and low maintenance make it an attractive prospect to potential buyers.

“Added to this, is the transferable warranty. At Dura Composites, the warranty that comes with Dura Deck in a residential or commercial application can be transferred during its 10 year period, from the purchaser to the subsequent buyer of the property, thus strengthening its appeal both for the initial purchaser and for subsequent owners.”

Boydens Marketing Manager, Paul Howe, explains further the influence home improvements can have both on a property’s asking price and the mindset of the potential buyer.

“There are several ways people can add value to their homes; from larger projects, such as building an extension or conservatory, to simpler tasks that create a dramatic impact on how you maximise your ability to use all of the space available such as installing decking. Having a well-maintained and presented home and garden maximises the desirability and therefore the ultimate value of your property.


What is composite decking and why should you choose it?Dura Strawbs 2

Whilst timber has traditionally been used for decking, the emergence of composite timber over the past 5 years has delivered a host of advantages over traditional materials and has led it to become the number one choice for homeowners looking for an attractive but future-proof solution. Strong and durable, Dura Deck composite decking looks and feels just like natural wood, but provides a longer-lasting solution that is environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

Unlike traditional timber, Dura Deck requires only basic cleaning; the product still looks new after years of use and remains cost-effective throughout its lifecycle, requiring only an occasional wash and scrub to keep it looking at its best. Dura Deck comes in 4 great colours and different widths, will never rot, warp or splinter and doesn’t require any staining, treating or painting over its long lifetime.


Once you’ve decided on the right composite decking product for your needs, Dura Deck is available to purchase from specialist distributor, International Timber, who have 4 major UK depots in Stirlingshire, Manchester, Gloucestershire and Essex. Dura Composites products are also available through Jewson stores and a wide network of builder’s merchants across the UK.

Our composite decking offers the beauty of wood with none of the disadvantages

March 17th, 2014 | Articles, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News | 0 Comments

Despite the fact that every marina owner would agree that functionality and safety should come before appearance, many still crave a wooden aesthetic for their marina’s decking boards.

Because of this, we at Dura Composites worked extremely hard to develop a product that could replace natural wood, retaining its aesthetic yet removing the issues with maintenance and durability. Coming in two main colours (teak and charcoal) and made of a mixture of high density polyethylene, recycled wood and chemicals to protect the final product from UV damage, rot, mould and other deterioration, our composite decking has four key benefits over traditional wooden marina flooring systems and other decking boards…

  1. Increased strength. Most pontoons in the United Kingdom are produced to allow a deck thickness of no more than 23mm, so as to make timber selection and installation as hassle free as possible. As a result, when developing our composite decking solution, we had to work to this thickness too. Because we were acutely concerned to ensure that our pontoon decking could cope with large stresses (such as those caused by people jumping off boats whilst carrying heavy sailing equipment) into the foreseeable future, we decided to make our boards twice as wide as traditional wooden decking boards, in order to almost double the strength.
  2. Shorter installation time. As well as providing you with the peace of mind that your decking will stand the test of time, the option of double width planks also means that installation time is significantly reduced – something that can be extremely helpful for commercial marina owners. Despite covering the same amount of space, our composite decking could take half the time to install!
  3. Better grip. As we have already covered, given that marina decking boards will often be wet, it is important that they provide a sufficient level of grip underfoot. Not only is the material of our composite decking less slippery than wood, our boards also have deep grooves in them to further increase friction. These grooves also help create the appearance of wood by mirroring the natural grain visible in traditional wooden planks. Further, the planks have different sized grooves on either side, depending on what kind of look and grip is required.
  4. Neater finish. Although wood looks great, when it comes to securing it to your pontoon, you may well find yourself having to settle for visible fixings. Not only does this look unattractive, it is also easy for screws to loosen over time and pose a hazard to individuals, particularly if they aren’t wearing protective footwear. On the other hand, our composite decking is secured in place by screwing into recessed fixings between the boards (which serve the dual purpose of removing the need for visible screws and helping to ensure the space between boards is always the same).

For more on the many advantages of composite decking for marinas and other situations, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

Using composite materials to create high quality decking

February 18th, 2014 | Articles, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News | 0 Comments

Just as we moved into providing fibreglass grating for marinas, after receiving significant interest in the benefits of our industrial grating products, so we moved into providing composite timber decking for the wider decking market, after hundreds of individuals contacted us to enquire about using our composite decking kit in different environments.

Thanks to the extensive research and development that went into producing our pontoon decking kit, we knew exactly what was involved in creating attractive, high quality and non slip decking products for exterior use and were quickly able to adapt our existing products for domestic and commercial use.

Having been used everywhere from pubs, hotels and zoos to back gardens and housing developments, our composite decking boards are a huge hit with customers for several reasons…

Green credentials

Whether you’re a major contractor or a private individual, thinking green is something we should all be doing when it comes to choosing building materials. Thankfully, despite its engineered form, Dura decking products are manufactured using up to 87% recycled materials! What’s more, we are the first, and currently the only, composite decking company offering clients the option to order decking boards, the wood of which has been 100% FSC certified.

Long lifespan

As with all our engineered products, because of their consistency, our composite decking boards will last you long into the future and will not suffer from issues such as rot, mould and fading. The only mould that could occur would be surface mould in dark and wet environments. This can easily be cleaned off with a jet wash, however.

Value for money

In 2012 an independent review was carried out in order to determine which was the most cost effective material for decking kits: softwood, hardwood or Dura Deck boarding. Taking into account the amount of maintenance that would need to be conducted on traditional wooden decks and the cost of the maintenance materials required, it concluded that, despite being the second most expensive of the three options, Dura Deck was by far the cheapest over the lifetime of the material, when the cost of materials, labour and replacement were taken into account.

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to decking boards, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

Using composite materials to create high quality marinas

January 21st, 2014 | Articles, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, Marina Deck, News, Ultra Deck | 0 Comments

Whilst the industrial market was the first market we targeted almost 20 years ago, we quickly realised that the main advantages of our engineered flooring systems, namely their strength, durability and high slip resistance, made them perfect for marina environments too. Combined with my father’s extensive knowledge of the marine industry, having spent decades constructing fibreglass boats, this was an obvious next step.

The advantages of using composite materials in this environment are numerous…


Undoubtedly, the material most commonly used for marina flooring is wood. However, this is more for aesthetic reasons than for practical ones.

In a wet environment, wood can deteriorate very rapidly if not properly looked after. What’s more, it is often difficult to spot problems once they do arise, and unless the owner notices the issue in time and has the capital to solve the problem quickly, failures are bound to occur – some of which may lead to serious accidents.

Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to opt for a contract flooring solution which is able to offer you peace of mind when it comes to structural integrity, such as those we provide at Dura Composites. With your high quality engineered flooring in place, you really can rest assured it will retain its strength and durability over the years.


Exposed to harsh winds, sun and, of course, saltwater, marina flooring systems often require a great deal of maintenance to ensure they stay looking good and functioning correctly, especially if they involve wood.

Whilst wooden flooring systems require varnishing/painting at regular intervals, this is not the case with our pontoon decking products (fibreglass or wood plastic composite). All you’ll need to do to keep your marina looking good as new is give some areas a jet wash to remove grime from the surface every now and again. It really is that simple!

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to creating world-class marinas, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

What are the benefits of composite materials when it comes to building products?

December 3rd, 2013 | Articles, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News | 0 Comments

Although composite materials have been around for years, it has taken a long while for people to recognise their many qualities and enormous versatility. Let’s look at the benefits of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and wood plastic composite (WPC) in a bit more detail…


Undoubtedly one of the principal benefits of composite materials is that they tend to be fantastically durable, making them perfect for outdoor areas and exterior surfaces. Wood can rot, concrete can crack and crumble and steel can rust, but composite products will generally maintain their integrity for decades. In fact, as modern composite materials were only discovered several decades ago, and even the earliest applications are still going strong, there is currently no way to tell just how long these products will last.


Thanks to the engineered nature of these products, it is possible to produce largely hollow (and therefore extremely light) elements that are almost as strong, if not stronger, than solid elements made from more traditional materials. Certainly, in most instances, the strength-to-weight ratio of composites is vastly superior to that of traditional materials.

Low maintenance

Although you might think that composite materials’ long lifespans are dependent to some extent on the care and attention site owners display towards their exterior surfaces, aside from cleaning, composite materials require very little maintenance to keep them looking clean and functioning properly. As they cannot become damaged by traditional problems such as rot, moss and mould, the worst that can happen is that these may grow on top of the composite in a wet, shady corner. However, all you need to do to remove the problem entirely is simply give the area a quick jet wash.

For more on the many advantages of composite materials, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

Secrets to export success revealed for the Middle East construction industry

March 16th, 2013 | Composite Pergolas, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Pergolas, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, Wood Plastic Composite Decking, WPC Decking Tiles | 0 Comments

Dura were recently interviewed by the organisers of Big 5, international building and construction exhibition organisers specialising in Middle East region, to talk about their experiences developing the Middle East market for composite decking and composite cladding products using exhibitions as a key marketing platform since 2008. Click the link to reveal more…




Dura Deck Offers So Many Benefits Over Traditional Alternatives

December 6th, 2012 | Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, Wood Plastic Composite Decking | 0 Comments

Dura Deck installed at house in PerthTimber composite still holds less than 10% of the overall decking market but demand is growing at a significant rate.

This is thanks to two factors – enhanced product quality and an emerging willingness from key distributors to offer it alongside timber alternatives.

To demonstrate, Dura Composites has struck a distribution deal with national timber importer and merchant Arnold Laver and demand for its’ Dura Deck range has already far exceeded expectations at all the depots in which it is currently stocked.

Dura Deck is a timber composite decking solution; It features a high percentage of wood which gives it such a natural look but it’s polyethylene base means that it doesn’t suffer any of the pitfalls of natural wood decking.

The great thing about Dura Deck is that additives can be added at manufacture to stabilise the decking and protect it from various threats including moisture and UV light.

This means that, unlike natural wood, it won’t crack, shrink, warp or rot. It is also resistant to light degradation thanks to UV inhibitors added during manufacturing, which ensure Dura Deck retains at least 90% of its original colour after the first 500 hours exposure, and then remains colour stable throughout its entire life cycle.

Many don’t realise that Dura Deck is just as green as traditional wood. It is made of 87% recycled materials and can be recycled after use. In addition, we achieved a world first earlier this year when we became the first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100% certified, guaranteeing the use of FSC ® certified forests in our production chain when specified.

Aside from great looks, the biggest advantage of Dura Deck has to be the incredible cost-savings that it can bring. Dura Deck comes with a warranty of up to 25 years, 10 years longer than the average life of hardwood decking. When looking at initial outlay, Dura Deck is slightly more expensive than traditional wood decking but it is often cheaper to use because it lasts so much longer and doesn’t require any painting or staining. In fact, an independent report that compared whole life cycle costs over a 25 year period confirmed that a square metre of Dura Deck is £136.14 cheaper than softwood and £381.18 cheaper than hardwood.

Specially designed subsurface fixings make the deck quick and easy to install, not to mention barefoot friendly. A professional deck install can lay the deck in no time at all.


Are you building schools for the future?

December 4th, 2012 | Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News, Recent Projects, Wood Plastic Composite Decking | 0 Comments

Dura Deck at GEMS School in DubaiThe Dura Composites range of timber composite decking and Composite cladding has been designed with safety and longevity in mind which means that it is ideal for inclusion on new or the refurbishment of existing schools.

Whilst they look just like natural wood, Dura Decking and Dura Cladding will not rot, warp or splinter and require only minimal maintenance throughout their 25 year design life expectancy. Furthermore, they are installed using subsurface fixings to ensure barefoot-friendliness and prevent injuries caused by loose screws.

Quick and simple to install, Dura Decking has been successfully installed in nurseries and schools around the UK and globally, creating all-weather playgrounds which come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

Dura Cladding is a newer addition to the Dura Composites range and offers the same benefits over natural wood alternatives. It is lightweight yet durable and experiences minimal fading over its lifetime. It can be installed over any wall to completely transform the outside of a building.

If you have a project which you think could benefit from our Dura Decking or Dura Cladding range, call us on 01255 423601. We’d love to hear from you.

Dura Composites Celebrates Arnold Laver Deal

August 17th, 2012 | Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News, Press Releases | 0 Comments

The great news from Dura Composites today is that we can confirm a major distribution deal with national timber importer and merchant Arnold Laver.

The company’s Group Hardwood Buyer, Peter James (pictured centre) and Senior Sales Executive, Chris Rose (pictured right)  joined me (pictured left) at our UK HQ earlier this week to put the finishing touches to our deal.

The agreement will see our innovative range of Dura Deck timber composite decking products made available to customers at five of the company’s 13 UK depots this year, building to all 13 in time for the 2013 deck season.

It makes Arnold Laver the first official stockists of Dura Deck  in the UK, and enables it to provide customers with a premium timber composite option as an alternative to traditional softwood decking.

As a world leader in the design and manufacture of sustainable building materials, we are obviously delighted to join forces with a company as established as Arnold Laver.

Their reputation for delivering great products and a great service across a wide range of customers and market sectors makes them an ideal partner.

Our eco-friendly product range, meanwhile,  provides a clear point of difference for their business.

As Pat Burke, Group Purchasing Director at Arnold Laver, told me: “We pride ourselves on recommending the right material for each job; and with Dura Deck we could see that this product would give our customers another credible option when it comes to decking projects. Sometimes an installation can demand a certain material specification where timber is just not right. Dura Deck can now fill that gap”.

Featuring 87% recycled content, Dura Deck comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and is made using reclaimed hardwood timber and recycled polyethylene.

It can be cut and worked in the same way as natural timber, features an anti-slip surface and offers barefoot-friendly, easy to install below-surface fixings.

It also doesn’t require staining or painting, needs only basic cleaning and doesn’t suffer from warping, rotting or long-term colour fade.

Dura Composites was recently confirmed as the world’s first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100% certified. FSC ® 100% chain of custody certification TT-COC-003905 guarantees the use of FSC ® certified forests in Dura Composites’ production chain.

FSC ® world first for team at Dura Composites

July 23rd, 2012 | Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News | 0 Comments

Dura Composites has been confirmed as the world’s first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100% certified – further enhancing our sustainability credentials.

We already knew we were the first UK supplier to achieve certification, but this just underlines our position as a global pioneer in the world of timber composite.

FSC ® 100% chain of custody certification (C108450) guarantees the use of FSC ® certified forests in the Dura Composites production chain.

At the moment customers can choose from FSC ® or non-FSC ® items from our Dura Deck – composite decking and Dura Cladding ranges. However, our plans to make FSC ® 100% standard will soon mean all our customers can demonstrate a commitment to the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

FSC ® certification also means that where FSC ® wood is specified, contractors and landscapers can use lower-maintenance timber composite with a minimum 12 year warranty – something that wasn’t previously possible.