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Archive for the ‘Composite Timber Cladding’ Category

Dura Composites HQ Refurbishment Using Dura Cladding

February 4th, 2014 | Composite Timber Cladding, News | 0 Comments

The transformation of the exterior of our UK headquarters is almost complete! It needed a face lift and what better way than using our own cladding products; we decided to refurbish our factory and offices using Dura Cladding type 150 weatherboard in Barn Black (fixed horizontally on the gable) and type 200 flush in Pale Grey (fixed vertically on the offices).

The natural timber effect of our composite cladding is an increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside walls of offices, factories, commercial and domestic buildings. Composite timber is UV stable, colour fast, eco friendly and will not splinter, warp or rot throughout its 50 year plus life span. Above all though, it will never need treating or painting, a major advantage especially when working at height.

It also has excellent insulation qualities. Our buildings are already adequately insulated, but we could have easily inserted insulation foam beneath the battens to radically improve the walls’ thermal qualities.

And with the option of FSC ® 100% certification, it means that your refurbishment could also demonstrate your commitment to the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

All we need now are the parking white lines and air con unit screens to be added….

factory refurbishment

How do composite materials compare to traditional building materials when it comes to creating wooden cladding?

December 12th, 2013 | Articles, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, News | 0 Comments

Whilst traditional building materials such as wood, concrete and steel have certainly proved enormously successful over the years, they are far from perfect in many different situations, as you shall soon discover. However, over the past few decades there has been little in the way of viable alternatives to these well known solutions.

Undoubtedly one of the most ancient building materials still in use today, wood is also extremely attractive and can add warmth to virtually any space – the most common uses being flooring, decking, beams and more recently, wooden cladding. However, it does require a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking good and to prevent it from rot, mould and splintering, especially when open to the elements. Further, once wood becomes saturated with water, not only does it lose strength, it also becomes more slippery – something anyone with a wooden deck in their back garden will already be well aware of.

Although it is possible to buy wood at almost any price, if you want quality wood that will last well into the future and be suitable for use in wooden cladding, you will generally need to fork out a significant amount. Cheaper softwoods are ill suited to outdoor use and will require a great deal of tender loving care to ensure they don’t start to deteriorate extremely quickly. Far better are exotic hardwoods such as teak. However, even these will still require maintenance.

With composite products, there is no need to put up with any of these issues. At Dura Composites, our Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking, for example, is made from a mix of recycled plastics and reclaimed hardwood with various bespoke additives, meaning that it gives you a similar appearance to natural wood decking with the benefit of being impervious to issues such as rot, mould and splintering, making it ideal for use in wooden cladding. Further, the construction of these products also ensures that they won’t be slippery, even when wet. What’s more, this material will need virtually no input from you to retain its impressive aesthetic.

For more on the many advantages of composite materials when it comes to wooden cladding and other building projects, just visit our home page, where you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of my new guide, “How to Choose Composite Building Products”.

Are you building schools for the future?

December 4th, 2012 | Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News, Recent Projects, Wood Plastic Composite Decking | 0 Comments

Dura Deck at GEMS School in DubaiThe Dura Composites range of timber composite decking and Composite cladding has been designed with safety and longevity in mind which means that it is ideal for inclusion on new or the refurbishment of existing schools.

Whilst they look just like natural wood, Dura Decking and Dura Cladding will not rot, warp or splinter and require only minimal maintenance throughout their 25 year design life expectancy. Furthermore, they are installed using subsurface fixings to ensure barefoot-friendliness and prevent injuries caused by loose screws.

Quick and simple to install, Dura Decking has been successfully installed in nurseries and schools around the UK and globally, creating all-weather playgrounds which come with a warranty of up to 25 years.

Dura Cladding is a newer addition to the Dura Composites range and offers the same benefits over natural wood alternatives. It is lightweight yet durable and experiences minimal fading over its lifetime. It can be installed over any wall to completely transform the outside of a building.

If you have a project which you think could benefit from our Dura Decking or Dura Cladding range, call us on 01255 423601. We’d love to hear from you.

Our new video highlights the features & benefits of Dura Cladding

September 20th, 2012 | Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Wood | 0 Comments

Check out our latest video on our You Tube channel – It’s an introduction to our Dura Cladding range, highlighting the features and benefits and outlining best practise for installing cladding on the outside of any building. It can also be used as a visual ‘how to’ guide which demonstrates just how easy it is to use Dura Cladding to transform your building. Dura Cladding, from Dura Composites, is a low maintenance timber composite alternative to traditional wood cladding. Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects, Dura Cladding looks and feels like timber and its unique formula provides an eco-friendly, lightweight and durable cladding that will not splinter, warp, rot or fade throughout its 50 years design life expectancy. Enough said – the video explains all – let us know what you think…

FSC ® world first for team at Dura Composites

July 23rd, 2012 | Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Wood, Dura Deck Composite Decking, News | 0 Comments

Dura Composites has been confirmed as the world’s first timber composite supplier to become FSC ® 100% certified – further enhancing our sustainability credentials.

We already knew we were the first UK supplier to achieve certification, but this just underlines our position as a global pioneer in the world of timber composite.

FSC ® 100% chain of custody certification (C108450) guarantees the use of FSC ® certified forests in the Dura Composites production chain.

At the moment customers can choose from FSC ® or non-FSC ® items from our Dura Deck – composite decking and Dura Cladding ranges. However, our plans to make FSC ® 100% standard will soon mean all our customers can demonstrate a commitment to the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

FSC ® certification also means that where FSC ® wood is specified, contractors and landscapers can use lower-maintenance timber composite with a minimum 12 year warranty – something that wasn’t previously possible.

Dura Cladding set for TV appearance

July 20th, 2012 | Articles, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, News, Press Releases | 0 Comments

Our timber composite product Dura Cladding could soon be seen on TV screens across the country after being used in the construction of an eco-friendly dream home being filmed for the new series of a popular national lifestyle programme.

We can’t say which programme it is yet, but watch this space and we’ll let you know more as soon as we get the green light.

Anyway, our timber composite cladding panels are a key feature of the self-build project which is being undertaken by designer/builder Steve Morris at his private plot in Hilton, Dorset.

Mr Morris initially trialled traditional oak cladding to gain the prestige look he was after but decided to use Dura Cladding 150/21 flush planks once he realised they would retain more than 90% of their colour, as well as not be susceptible to staining or leaching onto adjacent materials.

Guided by a design philosophy of environmental preservation, he was also impressed by the fact that Dura Cladding is made from more than 87% recycled content and that Dura Composites recently became the first wood plastic composites supplier to secure FSC ® 100% chain of custody certification (C108450).

The certification guarantees the use of FSC ® certified forests in our production chain and means customers can now choose from FSC ® or non-FSC ®  items from the Dura Cladding and Dura Deck ranges.

Mr Morris said: “I looked at alternatives but Dura Cladding’s fantastic eco-credentials combined with the fact that it is virtually maintenance-free meant it was the obvious choice. The fact that it was backed up by a 25-year warranty was also key in making my decision as it gave me peace of mind to know that this was a product I could trust for such a personal project.”

Steve’s project is a superb example of what can be achieved when sustainability is at the heart of the design and build process. We are proud to have supplied him with our Dura Cladding product and look forward to helping him complete his dream home with other products from the Dura Composites range.

Many people would wrongly think that a timber composite product can’t be as ‘green’ as a timber product. But it’s clear our Dura Cladding and Dura Deck products meet the highest sustainability specifications and outperform timber in service.

Dura Cladding adding value at Lanswoodpark

July 17th, 2012 | Articles, Composite Timber Cladding, Composite Timber Cladding, News, Press Releases | 0 Comments

We’ve teamed up with fellow Essex firm Lanswood Ltd to help build Lanswoodpark – the perfect example of a truly sustainable business park.

Our 87% recycled timber composite product Dura Cladding is a main feature of the project, which has recently reached phase one completion in the shape of a two-storey office development at Elmstead Market, near Colchester.

Dura Cladding will also feature on the offices, restaurants and retail units planned for phase two of the development, which has been designed to be as sustainable and environmentally-sound as possible.

We’re obviously very proud to be supplying such an eco-friendly project, but the sustainable credentials of Dura Cladding made our product the obvious choice for Lanswood Ltd too.

As their MD, Darin Shaikly, told me: “The use of high-end, eco-friendly and sustainable building materials has been at the heart of this project right from the very beginning. That’s why we were so pleased to hear about Dura Composites and team  up with a local supplier with such world-leading sustainability credentials right on our doorstep.

“We were originally planning to use wood cladding boards, but once we became aware of the benefits of Dura Cladding it was the obvious choice. The fact that Dura Cladding does not suffer from colour fade like wood made it a natural choice over timber for a phased project like this. Dura Cladding is an exceptional product that will serve Lanswoodpark well for many years to come.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Other features at Lanswoodpark include CAT5 wiring, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, LED lighting wiring for alarms, air sourced temperature control, high-speed internet (37Mb download/8Mb upload), extensive countryside views and ample parking.

Click here for more information on Lanswoodpark

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